Thursday 20 May 2010

Me-Made-May: Days 17, 18 & 19

Umm, how is May going so fast? It's apparently defying the laws of space and time and I'm not too happy about it. Or rather, why hasn't some influencial institution not realised that by creating and participating in Me-Made-May, I am in fact doing important work that is contributing to the social discourse on creativity and sustainability and given me a grant? That way I wouldn't have to work for the duration of May, and instead could devote my time to making new exciting garments and writing more about the whole topic than I already am. I'm sure the children/teenagers/adults I teach English to would be fine without me for a month. Stick on a DVD for them instead.

Talking of new garms, well orphaned ones anyhow, check Day 17:

Me-made jeggings, stripey T-shirt, pullover and pants. I haven't worn this jacket/pullover thing since I made it from a vintage pattern back in October (all the biz here). The lifestyle that I imagined would require such an item has yet to transpire, and it really isn't the sort of uber casual garment I wear so I had to kind of force myself to wear it. Actually, I quite liked it, though it is about 10cms shorter than I would prefer.

Day 18:

Me-made Beignet skirt, ruffle front T-shirt, pants and coat. A desparate attempt to make a new outfit combo. It was a bit of a fail because the skirt is high waisted (but tucking the T-shirt inside looked inappropriately figure-hugging for daylight hours) and it caused the T-shirt to ruck up at every opportunity.

Day 19:

Me-made bird skirt, bird blouse, pants and coat. I envisioned this outfit some time ago but for whatever reason forgot to make it happen. Can you tell I like birds? It must be all this talk of Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds' that I seem to be instigating at the moment.


Miss Lottie Lou said...

All look super ace :)
Wish I was participating sigh. Though I haven't bought anything from a high street store in aaaaaages so I still feel like I'm helping in a small way!
Good luck with the rest of May, can't wait to see the rest of your outfits :)
Lottie x

Anonymous said...

The Beignet outfit looks fab in the photo, but garments riding up is hella annoying, it's true!

I've been staring lovingly at your bird skirt ever since I first saw it - would you mind if I made my own?

wendy said...

The bird shirt is awesome! So sweet :-)

Tilly said...

Oh lordy, your creative diligence is so impressive and is making me feel guilty that it's looking unlikely that I'll be able to do Me-Made-May-Homage-Week-for-the-Novice-Sewer as I'd planned. I'll concentrate on creating enough stuff to do the whole month next year :)

Elly said...

I love the bird outfit! (the shirt and skirt are great on their own, but even more fun together...)

And I come May is speeding along like a freight train, with so much less time than planned for making pretty clothing?

Tasia said...

You're right, May is flying by! So much that I wanted to make for Me-Made-May and now it's nearly over...
Your little red pullover is so cute but I could imagine it would be hard to work into outfits.
Love your Beignet skirt! Hard to tell from the small photo but the buttons look cool. Red's a great colour on you!

Alessa said...

I like how the bird-blouse and the bird-skirt look together. :-) Also, I dig the skirt with the buttons. Yay, buttons! Can you tell I love buttons? ;-)

Hanna said...

OMG! You bought that bird fabric from Ikea and made something from it! I bought 4m of that stuff six months ago and haven't quite had the guts to do anything with it yet. I'm so thrilled someone else thought it was wearable!

Jodi Wade said...

Your jacket is cool.

Even if you don't have a grant you still have all our adoration!

I am loving this month, the ups and downs of wearing me-made stuff. Thank you so much for coming up with it!

kate said...

I LOVE your bird outfit! It's so fun without being too juvinile- which can be really tough to pull off. I love yours so much that I just might have to rip off your idea and make me my own! Where did you find the wonderful bird print?

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