Sunday 29 November 2009

In the Navy

Winter has come a’ knocking and I could do with some comfy layers pronto; time to get my stretch on! After the relative successes of my summer stretch-capades (see what I did there?), I was ready to get back in the ring.
First up is a navy long sleeved T-shirt with gathered sleeve heads. The pattern was an adaption of my striped version, but made longer to prevent unpleasant midriff drafts, and the sides shaped to skim over my hips without being too clingy. I created a ruffle inspired by the Coffee Date dress, which worked out really well. I finished the neck hole in the same way as the striped one, zigzag stitching thin elastic to the raw edge to provide both the ability to stretch and easily recover its initial shape.

For the record, I frikkin love this t-shirt. I have worn it heaps since its creation last week. The win spurred me on to immediately attack this next navy blue project.

I bought 3m of this thick knit fabric in the sale for €3 a metre, but it’s ridiculously narrow width (60cms! Why?) prevented it from being any good for my initial dress making scheme. Adapting the pattern further against an existing nice fitting jumper, it has set in sleeves and (another) ruffle detail idea that I stole from a beautiful jumper my mate Anna recently bought. For this neck hole, I zigzagged sewing tape to the raw edge to keep the shape. I have to say that this top looked nice before I washed it, it’s gone a bit fuzzy, but I need to fabric condition the itchiness out of it before its debut.

It’s a pretty plain style, which was proven by the fact that I wore it a whole day without my boy noticing it as something new. BUT that’s a GOOD thing! It means I’ve made something normal!
There is a further significance. With my whole ‘not buying new clothes’ thing, and my present inability to knit, making these cut and sew knitted garments means I am no longer solely reliant on existing items in my wardrobe (which are frankly getting pretty tatty) or what the charity shop gods provide to keep me toasty from here on out! Halleluiah!


Taylor Kitto / The Little Deer said...

ah that is such a cute sweater!

Karin said...

I love it. It's simple, but cute. Great top!

Alessa said...

Dear Zoe, I've been in love with your coffee date ruffle shirt since I saw it in your pics for Me-Made May. I'd like to marry it, but since I'm not quite sure if that's legal - may I shamelessly copy your idea and make my own for me to love and wear every day (almost)? That would be seriously awesome! Love, Alessa

Zoe said...

Dear Alessa, feel free to copy my top to your hearts content, under the condition that you send me a link to yours so I can see it and gush over it! xxx

Alessa said...

So here it is:

:) Thanks for letting me be a copycat!

Alessa said...

Dear Zoe, thanks for the compliments and I'm sorry to hear about your loss! I'm sure you loved that top to bits (as I do, I'm even thinking about making another version as soon as I get back...) But I'm sure you'll make loads more tops and other garments you love! :) Alessa

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Spyzie said...

Your sweater looks really great! And I like this color.

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