Wednesday, 2 December 2009

At Colette Patterns this week: 'Colour inspiration: Antique Tiles'

Well, it's been quite a week over at Colette Patterns. FINALLY the long awaited new range of patterns have been unveiled! I was anitcipating this with such fervour that I had it written down in my diary. Charmingly, these lovely designs are named after different types of tea, which would explain why all of a sudden I can say that I, an English tea-hater, love Ceylon!

So whether you're racking your brains for vintage colour ideas to make up these beautiful new patterns, or you simply enjoy having a gander some pretty antique things, pop over and check out this weeks post loving crafted by yours truly.


Gail said...

I love Ceylon too. I'm seeing it in navy blue and white polkadots with red buttons and belt or plain black.

Zoe said...

Nice ideas Gail! I agree, navy or black with red buttons that pop! I was also thinking that the top part could be made into a very cute blouse. said...

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