Tuesday, 8 December 2009

At Colette Patterns this week: 'Vintage Details: Hand painted buttons'

So you've found a beautiful pattern, mustered up the patience to make a toile to perfect the fit, hunted down the most amazing fabric (we're talking fabric that made you gasp and sweat a bit the first time you clapped eyes on it), rounded up the usual suspects (thread, zip, hook and eyes blah blah) and you are all set to make the garment you are pretty sure your granddaughters fighting over fifty years from now. But wait! You're going to use those buttons?! The cheap looking plastic crap you picked up from the haberdashers chosen solely because the colour is vaguely the same? REALLY? Doesn't this creation deserve something better? Something that has been produced by hand with as much care as your garment is about to have lavished on it? Something like these vintage handpainted buttons that are the stars of my post this week over at Colette Patterns? Yes? How fortuitous!


Clare said...

I really like your blog and your posts on Colette. And I have encountered many a scenario of That Pattern, That Fabric and No Nice Buttons. This post reminds me of the need to hunt the good old vintage ones out instead of settling for the mediocre ones from John Lewis. Have fun in Barcelona!

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