Monday 9 November 2009

Happy Birthday to Me !!!!!!!!!!

At the end of October I found myself in the unavoidable circumstance of turning thirty. The week and a half long celebrations culminated in a shebang that, never one to turn down the opportunity of a dressing up sesh, I decided to have a Pin-up girl/50’s Rockabilly themed dress code. Inspired by some incredible looking ladies I saw at the tattoo convention I recently attended, a good ol’ internet search helped with the further development of this theme.

Although not an obligatory dress code, most of my crew made a massive effort and looked AMAZING! Personally, I was pleased to sport a largely handmade outfit. I wore my blue and white stripe stretch top and Ruby red shorts, with the addition of a red belt purchased that day, tights and seriously ‘Pin-up’ heels.

So much fun was had through the entirety of Birthweek-and-a-half, and I’d like to thank everyone who made my entry into this new decade so memorable. I’d like to show my thanks to them, and to y’all who have taken the time to read by blog, by offering up for your enjoyment the funniest photo of me ever taken. Enjoy!


Shorty said...

Happy 30th! And I love the party theme... too much fun!

kate said...

Happy 30th! Embrace it!
You and your friends look like the party was a blast, and you look fab in your one-of-a-kind designed wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

Who´s that guy with such amazing glasses?? lol
but you were the most amazing pin-up girl that night dear Zoe!! i want more bdays!!!!

Karin van Dam said...

Happy Birthday Zoë! And the thirties are really a lot of fun!

EmilyKate said...

What an awesome party! You looked fab. I'm so jealous- if my legs looked as good as yours in ruby shorts, I'd never wear anything else. Now I'm fascinated to know what were you in he middle of saying when that last picture was taken?

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