Wednesday 11 November 2009

Hairpins and Pin-up Hair!

One of the best parts of the day/evening of my birthday party was (as is so often the case) the getting ready session with my ladies Ez and Vic. To create suitably pin-up hairstyles, we turned to the wonders of YouTube for some tutorials and advice. In case you’re interested in adding a dose of Pin-up into your own style; allow me to share with you some of the best videos we uncovered.

First up, for creating a mean-ass ‘Pompadour’, check out this girl. (Worthy of note: the confession that she hasn’t washed her hair for two or three weeks! Allegedly this is in an attempt to preserve her hair colour. Last time I checked, hair dye really wasn’t that expensive.)

This Liv Tyler look alike creates a similar look, but is very keen to emphasise how simple the process can be, by only actually using her fingers. (Worthy of note: the voiceover has been added after, and her self-critical ‘Yeah, I really should have done that again’ which she repeated over and over really made me laugh.)

Now for a more 40’s/early 50’s interpretation of the ‘Pomp’. (Worthy of note: if you can bring yourself to watch this video without having to mute the annoying soundtrack, you’ll catch her more-than-slightly sinister threat to ‘Track you down and kill you’ if you succeed in creating this hairstyle during your first attempt!).

I liked this video as it addressed the issue of creating a Pin-up hair style if you already possess a rather dashing fringe (bangs, as US peops would prefer). (Worthy of note: her strange obsession with the quality of daylight, and the rose hair slide that keeps hanging down comically.)

Our hairstyling session went like this: (Worthy of note: the gin and tonic on the side, which was the first of many which culminated in me vowing (and so far actuating) a month-long self-imposed drinking ban).

The results:

Once you’ve uncovered your Pin-up alter ego, I think you’ll be hooked. Or should that be pinned?

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