Tuesday 26 July 2022

Hula Leftovers Marcel Top


Honestly, I don't know exactly when I made this top, but I know it's taken me at least 18 months to get some photos of it. I haven't worn it much either, probably because it doesn't usually feel very tropical here in the UK, plus we haven't been abroad for three years. However, in advance of our trip to Italy next week during which I predict I'll wear this a lot, I thought I'd share this project. 

I also want to highlight a sewing pattern that is a great potential scrap buster. I had some weird-shaped leftovers of Hula viscose crepe from my Helios dress. The tank top view of Chalk and Notch's Marcel pattern was a great basis for making a casual, hot-weather top from those leftovers. It's formed from panels, although this busy fabric print obscures the seam lines so it's hard to tell. The volume is created by gathers into the front and back yoke, and this, combined with the flow-y nature of the fabric, will hopefully make it a breezy top to weather in the hot, Italian summer. 

I love how making your own clothes means you can customise details you might otherwise not think to alter on a RTW garment. I have one shoulder lower than the other. This means that one of the straps of shop-bought clothing (and a few handmade ones also before I realised this about myself!) would repeatedly, and annoyingly, slide off my shoulder. To correct this, I made one of the straps considerably shorter than the other. I also took care to fix the strap to the back yoke to follow my bra strap position to provide almost-complete bra coverage. 

This project might also look cool using different scraps of viscose for each of the pieces and panels. 

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