Friday, 18 January 2019

Eat, Sleep, Sew Repeats: Rust Viscose Elisabeth Blouse

Anyone in the Northern Hemisphere finding it near-impossible to get decent photos at this time of year? Yep, me too. I've finally managed to get some pics of this blouse that I made about six weeks ago, which is a relief because I've been itching to share it with you. The colour of the fabric isn't quite as orangey in real life, but it's close enough so that you get the idea. 


I was so in love with how my Elisabeth blouse Fabric Godmother ambassador project came out, that before it even got its first proper wear (I was saving it for Christmas), I bought some fabric to make another. I wanted to see what the Elisabeth blouse pattern by Republique du Chiffon would look like in a really drapey fabric (my first first was made in double gauze), so when this very reasonablly priced viscose twill arrived at Fabric Godmother, I bought the 2m required for this pattern. 

The size I'd picked first time round (a 40 I believe) was fine, so I cut the same again but added 5cm  length at the hem. Having made this pattern before, I knew to keep and eye out for the gathers where the front piece joins the shoulder yokes. When I made my green double gauze version, I found that the dimensions of the front piece resulted in less gathering along the shoulder area than around the neck, so I tried to condense the shoulder area gathers a bit more on this version. I did a good job on one side, but it looked barely gathered at all on the other so, although I'd already finished my seam allowances inside, I ended up unpicking and redoing it, which I'm please I did as it looks more gathered and equal now.

Fabric and buttons:

I'm a recent convert to viscose. Yes, it's a b*tch to work with: slipping around all over the place and creasing at the earliest opportunity. But it moves with such lovely fluidity and feels so slinky to wear. This twill-weave viscose is slightly thicker than the last viscose I worked with, which is why I thought it'd be perfect for a long-sleeved blouse that could be worn in cooler months than most viscose fabrics seem to be suitable for. 

I've had these buttons in my stash for at least six years. They are leopard printed shell and I got them from Sew Over It when I used to work there. I love them so much but had never found quite the right project to pair them with. It's made me so happy to finally get use from them. 


I finished this blouse in time for going away at Christmas. With family get-togethers, house parties and an early celebration of Mr SoZo's 40th birthday, I knew I'd have plenty of opportunity to wear both my Elisabeth blouses, and wear them I did! I can report that the flow-y drape of this rust one was particularly good for having a dance in. Plus, they made me feel quite sexy in a prim, put-together kind of way when balanced out with tight fitting jeggings. Now that the parties are over with for a while, I've been trying various outfit combos to get them into daytime rotation. 

I probably don't need a third blouse from this pattern in my wardrobe, however if a slinky viscose with a bold print crosses my path that I fall in love with, I'll definitely keep this pattern in mind for yet another. 


Jo said...

I like it in the that extra length - the viscose allows for it to fall perfectly. Another triumph. Jo xx

Debbie Cook said...

I love this blouse on you! It's so pretty!

Zoe said...

@Jo and @ Debbie, thank you both so much, I really appreciate you both leaving comments xxx

KS_Sews (Dressmakingbacles) said...

It looks so good! And what a perfect combination of fabric and buttons!!

Birgitte said...

Your hair looks great - the bangs really suit you! And as for the blouse... Both this one and the previous one looks *excellent* on you! The colors are great, and how fun to be able to use treasured buttons for this version. Sometimes I feel like there are a million similar sewing patterns out there, but this one that has some special details that makes it stand out from the crowd. It is a pattern that doesn't speak to my personal style, but I am beyond in love with it on you and I am so thrilled this pattern exists so you could sew it up.

Zoe said...

@KS_Sews, thank you so much!

@Birgitte, that has to be one of the loveliest comments I've ever received, thanks so much! You are a sweetheart. Agreed, the amount of sewing patterns available almost feels overwhelming sometimes, hey?!


Joo Mi said...

I like the top photo best. The pattern is too baggy for me in the back. I wish you had uploaded a side and back view. It looks lovely in the top photo.

AGriener said...

I’ve been eyeing this pattern and came across your blog and review from the fold line! I’d be making it for the first time, good tip for the length. Any particular materials you’d recommend over others? I really love how this looks on you and I love the shape of this blouse as it sort of has a modern take on a feminine vintage. Your gathers are spot on!

Admin said...

Beautiful work. Congrats.
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