Thursday 17 August 2017

Berry Bubble Shorts

So the sad fact is that these shorts are not popular round here. You want to know how many times they've been worn in the four or five months since I made them? Twice. You want to know how long they took to sew? Forever. 


I think I discovered the Berry Bubble shorts pattern via Pinterest, and bought it during a mini-splurge I had last summer, along with the Sally dress pattern. It's designed by Rebecca Page, who recently (wisely) changed her website's name from Mummykins and Me, and it's also available for women (and dolls!) as well.

I'm a big fan of a bubble short for little girls, and this pattern looked like a particularly polished version, with lots of possibilities for contrast fabrics and awesome buttons. But BE WARNED, this is NOT the sewing pattern to reach for if you want to knock something up quick the night before you take your kid on holiday. 

If memory serves, it's comprised of ten (TEN!) separate pattern pieces. I'm used to kid's shorts patterns that are made of a back and a front and that's it. And they're fully lined, with lots of neat topstitching. Oh, and did I mention that they have adjustable waist elastic?! These are some fancy kids shorts alright. I made the size 3 (which has come out pretty big, I think they'll easily fit her until she's five) and found the construction fun but pretty fiddly, I wouldn't want to try sewing any of the smaller sizes.  


If you've been following my blog for a while you will have seen this grey fabric a few times before. I first used it for these cropped trousers (never worn), then this Tova tunic (which I've worn sooo many times, pregnant and not) and then these nautical palazzo pants (which I've also worn masses but are no longer my style). This is last of that fabric, I promise! I think it's some type of amazing, fantastic quality flannel: incredibly soft and doesn't really crease, both of which make it great for children's wear. What doesn't make it perfect for children's wear, apparently, is the colour. Even when it's fully lined in pretty floral pink cotton lawn. When I first made them, her dad offered to help her put them on and she replied, 'No, please no'! Yes, you read it right: she begged him not to put them on her. 


As I say, Dolores has chosen to wear them twice. Once, when we went for a day out in Brighton (pictured here), and today when we went to the beach. Only today, she didn't choose them exactly. I usually give her a couple of outfit options that are weather-and-activity-appropriate, but today I just picked out an outfit for her that included her favourite T-shirt, and to my surprise she put it all on without a fight (she may have been distracted by something else!).

So, although they involved a lot of work at a time when my sewing opportunities are limited, plus the recipient isn't falling over herself to make use of them, I still look on this project with a lot of fondness. There's something really satisfying about making a garment from lovely fabric that involves lots of meditative, neat topstitching. I made them whilst binge-listening to the S-town podcast, so I was indulging in two of my very favourite things, which meant this project had double the mental health benefits!


Pattern: available here for $9.50 (approx. £7.30)
Fabric: £0 (I didn't pay for either the outer or lining fabrics)
Elastic: approx. £1
Buttons: £0 (from the stash)
Total: £8.30 

It's a great pattern but I'm not in a rush to make it again so I don't think I'll be reducing that total but subsequent uses. 


Fiona said...

Celebrate her love of colour as there will come a time when she'll only wear black!
She looks so cute in those shorts, they're gorgeous.

Fabric Tragic said...

Oh they're cute as! Any chance you could (and I shudder to suggest it) bedazzle them with something pink and sparkly to appeal to her more?

Katherine said...

They are gorgeous shorts with lots of cute details. It is satisfying to create something with beautiful details out of quality fabric.

Anonymous said...


Thinking as the highly opinionated child I was at one time, the shorts are gorgeous. The bubble part? Not so much!

Seriously. When I was young, bubble sun suits were all the rage. I despised them! Still dislike bubble skirts, shorts--anything along those lines!

Perhaps if you alter the pattern to standard shorts and use a very lightweight lining, your absolutely adorable daughter might consider them suitable. I'm guessing the weight and possible stiffness of the finished garment (particularly in seam and binding areas) might be uncomfortable for her, as well.

You did an incredible job on the shorts, so I hope you are able to morph them into something cute and comfortable for young Dolores!


Christals Creations said...

Always frustrating when you've worked hard at something. :(

Anonymous said...

They are so cute and well made. I did have a chuckle that the outfit was worn to the beach in the summer :) Sorry, in the part of Australia in which I live, that is a winter outfit. Love reading your thoughts and the pics of your children are adorable. Sam the Aussie

Mother of Reinvention said...

These shorts are so beautifully made. It is such a shame the Dolores doesn't like them. I think that they look very high-end and lovely. The fabric combination is gorgeous. Xx

Unknown said...

Imogen went through a nothing but dresses phase too! Luckily she is coming out of that and will happily wear shorts now. These are beautiful.

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