Wednesday 8 March 2017

Safety Pin Scout Tee

Finally!!!! I got to make a garment for myself that isn't directly linked to being pregnant or breastfeeding. It feels like it's been a long time coming and I'm super excited.


You couldn't accuse me of being an early adopter when it comes to trying out new sewing patterns! This is the Scout tee pattern by Grainline Studio, and it took seeing a lot of other versions (as well as teaching a sewing class with this pattern twice at Fabric Godmother!) to decide that it might be for me. 

It's a relatively quick project, which suits the fact that my opportunities to sew are currently greatly limited. Even though it's a quick project, I wanted to make sure that my sewing time wouldn't be wasted so I made a toile (muslin) first to check I would be happy with the fit. I'd heard that this pattern comes up a bit big so I picked a whole size down (size 6) than my measurements would have indicated I make, and the sizing ended up spot on.   


This is quite a boxy style, so I wanted to use a lightweight fabric so that the result wouldn't end up looking too stiff and weird. This African wax fabric is very fine with a loose weave, and was a gift from a friend of mine around the time I had my daughter. My mate was intending to make something for me from it, but her project didn't work out so she just gave me the fabric instead! 

Because the fabric is so fine, and because it feels pretty fancy, I used French seams for the shoulder and side seams. After a few wears the fabric is being pulled apart a bit at the side seams, probably because I yank it up fairly regularly for 'access' to feed my son, so I don't think this top'll last forever. 


If I were being picky, I'd say that the sleeve heads sit slightly too far off my shoulders. But my concern is that if I were adjust that in this or future versions, I would struggle to get this top on and off as it doesn't have any fastenings. Aside from that, I think the fit is great and it marks a step towards some new style influences that have been occupying my brain (and Pinterest boards!) recently. I think the fabric and pattern pairing is a good one, as it feels so light and breezy on. I wish I'd had some of these when I lived in Spain, but then my preferred silhouette was more fitted back then. 


Pattern: $12 in PDF form (approx. £9.86)
Fabric: free
Total: £9.86, but I already have another cut out so that'll make this project cheaper once I've used the pattern again


Caroline said...

This looks great Zoe. I love the amazing fabric, it has such fab colours in it!
I have a whole bunch of Scout tees - it is an easy pattern to showcase a bold print.

Jo said...

Great fabric and it must be great to make something for yourself. Jo x

Fabric Tragic said...

You are being picky! I think it looks great! I've just recently toiled this one too and I'm pleasantly surprised at the fit.

Mother of Reinvention said...

What a lovely top and looks great. I am in love with that fabric. The print is amazing. I do love the whacky things that they print on wax fabric. Xx

Helen said...

The Scout is one of my favourite patterns. It's very versatile! I've found to get the right fit, I cut a 4 (my size based on measurements), but reduce to a 0 at the shoulders. This has given me a good fit. If I feel it's too roomy still, then I just take it in at the sides. It depends on the fabric, really.

Hélène said...

This is such a perfect everyday top for a sewist! Wonderful to see you creating for yourself although your munchkins are so cute I'll never get tired of the great outfits you make for them!

Unknown said...

This is so lovely. So pleased you found time to make something for yourself.

Unknown said...

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