Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Nippy Weather Sewing Plans: Addendum, A Thermal Under-T-Shirt

When I was figuring out my nippy weather sewing plans, I really should have included a plan for something like this: a warm under-garment. As much as I like my denim Tova top and as pleased as I am to own it, it turns out that nippy weather wear it is NOT! This, however, IS. 


This is my third go at the Tilly and the Buttons Agnes knit top pattern, and I'm confident that it won't be my last. The Agnes top is actually very similar to my early attempts at self-drafting a knit top pattern, but it's just so perfect that I doubt I'll ever return to my self-drafted efforts again. Having learnt from the fit of my previous versions, this time I used a size 3, grading out from the armpit to a size 4 for the rest of the sleeve. I knew this would result in a snug fitting garment, but as this is intended to be underwear, that was what I was looking for. When I say snug, I mean snug: I not sure you're ready for this jelly so I avoided sharing a modelled shot of this garment! 

The Agnes already has a fairly wide neckline, but I omitted the neckband in favour of a decorative elastic finish to make the neckline wider still. I did this to avoid it peeking out from whatever I'm wearing on top. 

Fabric and Notions:

This knit fabric had been burning a hole in my stash for about the last four years! For a while I was planning to use it to make a cropped, short sleeve Jenna cardi, but A) I wasn't sure there'd be quite enough, B) I think a tiny summer cardi would see so little wear throughout the year that I wasn't sure I could justify using this fabric on that project, and C) I hate wearing white. I considered dyeing this fabric red, but was worried about getting an even result so I ended up doing nothing with it.

I don't know what the hell it is, or even how to adequately describe it, other than it's fairly thick with a floral design/texture somehow knitted into it. Any ideas? Basically, it looks like its designed for thermal garments. Hey, I never claimed to be reinventing the wheel here. When I realised that a warm layerable under-t-shirt would help my current clothing selection limp along 'til Spring, I knew where to look. 

The cotton lace elastic that I used round the neckline was kindly given to me by my lovely blog sponsor, Textile Garden. At time of writing I couldn't find it on their site so they may have sold out. It's really special stuff so hopefully they'll be getting more in soon, otherwise you could drop them an email in case they still have a stash somewhere. I applied it by gently stitching it to the right side of the garment neckline with a lightning flash stitch, then I flipped the bottom elastic part to the inside of the neckline and secured it in place with a tiny zigzag so only the lace part peeks out. The whole thing stretched out a little through handling but a healthy dose of steam from my iron did the trick and made everything sit as it should. 


The aim of this garment is to bring some of my garments back into regular rotation that would otherwise be hiding until Spring. It has succeeded in that I have been wearing my anchor applique remade sweatshirt, but sadly even this wide neckline is visible underneath my 1960's Breton top


Pattern: £0 (I got it for free because I teach at Tilly and the Buttons HQ, but it can be bought here for £12.50. If I hadn't got it for free, I definitely would have bought it anyway because it is excellent and my ideal knit top pattern. I've used it three times now, with plans for many more).
Fabric: £0 (it was lurking in my stash but I'm pretty sure I didn't pay for it in the first place)
Elastic: £0 (I got it for free, but sadly I can't link to where it came from at this time, sorry)
Total: £0


Knitlass said...

Looks super cozy, and I love the frilly neckline!

MrsC (Maryanne) said...


brooke said...

You are on fire lately! I love how practical your sewing has been, keep 'em coming....

Kathryn said...

Like Brooke says above I love how practical all your creations are - it's very inspiring! I totally know the type of fabric you mean but have no idea what to call it either. It looks and sounds like a very cosy top.

Debra said...

I love your top, especially the lacy edging. I made something for the same purpose using Closet Case Files Nettie and bamboo jersey, but then I'm such a human icicle I'll probably still be wearing them in the summer...

I had a couple of RTW tops that looked like the same fabric as your top. It was called Pointelle but when I looked that up it referred to a type of weave, rather than a fibre.

Unknown said...

Perfect make, it's so bloomin cold lately, I layer up till I look like the Michelin man! Not seen your Denim Tova before, that's gorgeous. I love that pattern but can't justify the cost at the moment. As the others have said you are on fire, well done.

Mother of Reinvention said...

What a great idea. I have a few RTW thermal tops in an almost identical fabric and they are so cosy. I wear them all the time at the moment. It is so cold. It is amazing that such a thin layer can make all the difference and great that you had the fabric already. What a win. Xx

Unknown said...

So useful - I really want to have a go at this. Love the way that yours looks fresh and modern – rather than frumpy like some of the RTW versions you see.

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