Sunday 21 February 2016

Kid's Clothes Week Sewalong February 2016: Toys!

kid's clothes week 

Woo hoo! The Kid's Clothes Week sewalong/challenge is here again and starts TOMORROW! I bowed out of taking part last time (October 2015) bcause I was eyeball-deep in working on my Anya shoulder bag pattern, but this one couldn't have come at a better time. Today I sewed the final stitches of some window display sample garments for the Village Haberdashery, and with no other personal sewing projects currently on the go, I'm free to indulge my love of making stuff for Dolores all week.

As you may or may not already know, the rules of Kid's Clothes Week are incredibly simple: you just have to sew kid's clothing for one hour each day for a week. This season's challenge is 'Toys', but you can take or leave the theme as you wish. As usual, they have offered some great ideas (like these) on how you may find inspiration in the theme.

  kid's clothes week

So what are my sewing plans for next week? Umm, I'm not sure! I've been doing a bunch of quick scrap-busting projects for Dolores recently (like these shorts and these sweatshirts, plus others that have yet to be blogged), so I think I may take a different tack and work on slightly more time-consuming projects that use some larger pieces of fabric from my stash. 

What about you? Are you taking part this season? If so, are you incorporating the theme? Either way, what was your favourite ever kid's clothing sewing project, if you've made one? 


Unknown said...

It's fun sewing for children. I am rather slow at sewing but am hoping for two dresses for Imogen as she's had a growth spurt. If I have time some trees for the biggest boy too!

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

I currently have no littlies to sew for, but my favourite was for my niece when she was about 4 - a purple faux fur coat with big black spots on it, and a black fur collar. Gen loved hers so much, and her best friend loved it so much, I ended up making a hot pink one for the friend. That purple coat was passed down through all the nieces too.
I like how much life it had, maybe even still has!

Mother of Reinvention said...

I miss sewing for Sprogzilla and I don't know any small people to sew for now. Apart from her furry coats I made a dress from a pattern that I picked up in Wageningen market. It was an A-line dress with a big flounce and a slight high-low hem. I made it up in white linen embroidered with navy vines, leaves and big pink roses. It was gorgeous and quite dear fabric but it only used just over a metre. It looked so nice but we moved back to the UK and I think that she only wore it once as it was too cold for it here. I have lots of small linen lengths from then. Xx

Knitlass said...

Oh bother. I am stupidly busy at work just now, but maybe I could manage a little bit of sewing this week. I've got something half cut out for the jellybean and some things she really needs right now, so maybe I could do something....?

I think I might have to rethread my overlocker, but I. AM. WOMAN. I can do it (yeah).

Peter A. Vander said...

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