Tuesday 29 January 2013

I'm in The Jar!

If you ever read sewing blogs (umm, and my guess is that you do!) you'll probably have seen the above little widget/gadget/logo popping up all over the damn place. It's the badge of honour for those of us who, at least metaphorically, now reside in The Jar! The truly awesome Karen of 'Did you make that?' blog had an ingenious idea which she launched on 1st January to help makers-of-clothing to define and stick to their garment-making ambitions for 2013. 

A whopping 187 sewers, knitters, crocheters and refashioners shared their creative aims for the new year with Karen, and bless her she diligently wrote every single one of those names on pieces of paper and put us all in The Jar. 

In a further, fascinating blog post on the subject complete with statistics and graphs, Karen shared what the most popular pledges/aims were. My own pledge, 12 wearable self-made garments in 12 months, was one of the clear favourites, comprising of just over a fifth of pledges. 

I found it really interesting that, with so many individuals taking part, that there were so many of us choosing the same pledges/aims. The other popular pledges, like conquering fit, making a successful pair of trousers or a coat, it shows how so many of us get stuck with certain projects and the sense of not being alone will hopefully create the push needed to achieve our creative desires. 

As for me and my pledge, I honestly don't think that creating 12 garments in 12 months will be too challenging. What is important in this pledge for me is that they must be wearable. And by wearable, I mean they have to be successful enough in comfort, fit and in reflecting my sense of style, that they become regularly worn items, not just items that get dragged out for Me-Made-May each year (yes I confess that there are some!). 

So, the massive Me-Made clear out I recently had (part 1 and part 2) has cleared lots of space for new, wearable items. I'm not going to map out a year-long sewing plan, as I like to be freer with my sewing decisions, but I do know for sure that there won't be any skirts made this year. Having said that... You see?! I can't be held down.

If you are also in The Jar, I wish you a happy year of meeting your creative aims and fulfilling your wardrobe desires. 


Unknown said...

Hi Zo!!

I've made just the one... to make all of my own pregnancy clothes, nursery soft furnishing and furniture! eeek!! I am upcycling, recycling from thrift and making my own.

I think I am mad... but we shall see. I will, however, accept present from my lovely friends and family... phew!

Good luck with all your resolutions and I hope your make 2013 a revolution!!

Caffy from Bundana Blog :D xxx

Tugba Kop said...

What a great idea!

As I'm pretty new to dressmaking, my 'sewolution' is a rather general one: to make and not buy (last years was to learn dressmaking, so I think I'm making progress!).

Good luck with your 2013 sewlutions. Looking forward to seeing them :-)

Marie said...

I totally love your sewlution Zoe, it's so important to make items that you'll actually get a lot of wear out of! I was amazed by the response to Karen's idea and I love hearing about everyone's ideas. There are so many people making trousers!!!

Amanda said...

A super important distinction to make! When I look back at my me mades from last year I think there are 10 items that are on constant rotation and the rest have been gifted or thrifted. I'm sure your 2013 makes will be full of nautical radness and lots of wearability! My sewlution is to make the Bombshell dress. So excited!

Anonymous said...

I love your resolution, too. I love the idea of sewing things that you will actually wear and that won't just hang in your wardrobe unworn. I know we're all guilty of that to a certain extent, but it seems like such a shame to put so much time and effort into garments that won't see the light of day.

Miriam said...

ha ha I am in the jar too - mine is 12 projects completely from stash but they might not all be clothes. I'm looking forward to seeing your creations as always! :o)

Kate said...

Oh shoot! I wish I would have seen this one! Great sewlution Zoe! I'm sure it will be accomplished easily!

CTpat said...

I am in the jar as well. I have always wanted to learn to crochet. I pledged a donation to charity if I don't learn. I am in the process of taking a beginner Craftsy class. The thought of my name being pulled at random to see if I've kept my sewlution is a fate worse than death if I wasn't working towards the goal.

Goodbye Valentino said...

This top is certainly wearable! Very attractive :)

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