Monday 5 April 2010

Fabric Swap Round 6 ROLLOVER!

As with Round 4 of the International Stash Bustin' Fabric Swap, Round 6 is also a rollover! This gives y'all another week to get your hands on the pretty fabric pictured above. In case you didn't see it's previous description, here's what it's current lovely owner has to say about it:

'My fabric is four yards of 45" and rather cottony. Perhaps a cotton blend; unknown precisely. Quite soft, not extremely thin. It's white and pale and has pink and blue-green flowers. Somewhat pastel. Green and yellow are also featured, though not so prominently. Estimatedfrom the seventies. The picture is kind of dark, it's actually a bit lighter than that.'

Remember what you have to do to become its new owner? You have to email me at with your name, email address, postal address, a picture of the piece of stash fabric you are offering up and a short description of that fabric (width and length of fabric and fibre content if known will suffice). Mark the subject of your email 'FABRIC SWAP 6'. I'll select a recipient at midnight Sunday 11th April using a random number generator and inform them Monday morning, and post the next piece of fabric.

However, at risk of being The Girl That Cried Wolf (or more accurately, The Girl That Cried End of Fabric Swap), if there is no interest in this fabric by next Sunday, I will be wrapping up this blog-based fabric swap and moving onto a different project.

Round 6 and a half! Ding ding!!!

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