Tuesday 5 January 2010


First up, I would like to congratulate Kitty for winning my vintage pattern giveaway. They winged (wang? wanged? what's the past-tense of wing?!) themselves to Italy. It felt good to share the love and accrue some good sewing karma, so as part of that you can expect more giveaways here in the future. I would also like to thank everyone who has commented on my blog throughout 2009. It's so nice knowing that there are so many lovely people out there interested in similar things. Bring on the interaction!

So, 2010. As I probably mentioned around this time last year, I'm a big fan of making New Year's resolutions. It doesn't matter if you don't complete all your intentions, your goals are likely to shift as the months pass anyhow. It's the process of making them that counts as it encourages you to take stock, review the successes and failures of the past year and consider what matters for the year which lies ahead of you. It's all positive stuff.

I have some exciting plans for 2010, but on of my main focuses this year will be to continue to discuss sewing: the activity itself, it's historical and social significance and topics linked to a handmade future. I am also vibe about my continuing contributions to the Colette Patterns blog which gives me a reason to research areas and convey thoughts that interest me beyond what I would normally focus on for this blog.

It's time for me to step up and push many of my thoughts and ideas forward. The next time I do some festive celebrating with my nearest and dearest, and eat one of the above (a Christmas dinner) I hope to be able to reflect upon a 2010 well spent. Do you have any sewing/creating resolutions?

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Drop Stitches Not Bombs said...

I would like to learn my way around my brand spanking new sewing machine!

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