Friday, 29 January 2010

At Colette Patterns: 'Decorative elements: Lace appliqués'

Whilst attempting to research my post for the Colette Patterns blog this week, I started off on a completely different subject which was proving difficult to nail. My mind started to wander, and before I knew it, it had wandered in the direction of (maybe this has happened to you?!). Inspired by an amazing lace appliqué I had found on etsy the other day (whilst looking for something completely different), I began to unearth more, equally stunning, appliqués. They reminded me of the sad situation that befell a skirt I made last year when I attempted to decorate it with some DIY lace appliqués. I was suddenly overcome with the twins desires to both ward people away from a similar sewing-related fate and to share the newly-unearthed loveliness: I felt I had been shown the 'true path' my post was ordained to follow. Phew!

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