Wednesday, 6 January 2010

At Colette Patterns: 'Metric Pattern Cutting'

If the vibe I'm picking up from blogland is accurate, there are alot of creative people out there who would like to get more into making their own clothes, but are put off by the strange and intimidating alchemy known as Pattern Cutting (or pattern making, potayto potarto!). Although light-years away from being an expert in this field myself, I had classes in pattern cutting at university and later picked up a few more tricks working in clothing companies. I wanted to throw my tupp'ny worth in by reviewing and recommending one particular resource that could prove a useful 'in' for sewers wanting to get to grips with this multi-facetted science. Winifred Aldrich's 'Metric Pattern Cutting' is a book I have found invalueable for more than a decade, so if you are interested in making your own dress patterns, or modifying existing ones, check out my review at Colette Patterns.

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EmilyKate said...

This is my favourite patternmaking book, not just beacuse its so thorough, but because the hairdos on the little sketched figures are so cute!

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