Thursday, 10 April 2008

Origami lives in Blogland

Blogland can get a bit confusing. You find blogs through blogs through sites through blogs that your mate's blog recommends and before long you can't remember how you found it, but you better save that bugger quick into your Favourites, or it will be lost forever! Well, through a similar chain I found this tasty little item:
It's a beautiful handmade purse that was allegedly available for purchase on etsy (a site which sells allsorts of hand crafted gifts, jewellery and clothing usually made by independent designers/makers) however the link failed to work on this site where I found it and a search proved fruitless. But it looks lovely, and totally reminds me of the kind of thing my friend Michelle would adore.

Here's and example of her amazing applique creations that can be found on her site:

So crazy-talented is she! Oh, and I think I found that purse on a blog through a blog that Michelle recommended, so that kind of brings it full circle doesn't it?!

1 comment:

naughty little pony said...

Oh Zo! that was a pleasant surprise! I think my cheeks went a bit pink!
You are right of course; I just about broke out into a cold sweat at that purse. Sometimes I feel like an old lady at a jumble sale, with sharp elbows, just at the site of such things. LOVE you, super lady. xx

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