Monday, 14 April 2008

Jewellery: a show and tell

Jewellery. It's powerful stuff. It can turn an outfit, a whole look even, from ok to AMAZING. A normal girl into an incredible-looking being. In my opinion anyway.

I've never really got my head around jewellery. It's definately on my list of 'things to work out when I'm older', you know, like knitting and not getting hangovers. Almost all of the jewellery I own has been given to me. Maybe most of the jewellery I see in shops that I could actually afford isn't all that great, so I went on a wish-list mission on etsy to see if I could find some pieces that, if money were no object, I would be using to up-grade my outfits:

This piece is made from plastic and looks like lace. It reminds me of some fantastic laser-cut leather necklaces I covetted recently. It would make a really plain black garment look fantastic.
These beautiful chandelier earrings are by the same designer. I love their simplicity. No fussy beading, just great silhouettes.
This pretty rose necklace would be great for the daytime. I think I'd wear this if I had a floral print garment on.
My obsession with bird images knows no bounds! I like how this is slightly childish, but not too kiddie. Another day necklace I reckon.

Dolly Parton tribute necklace! That's a fantastic concept! These days I try to steer clear of overtly kitsch jewellery, clothing and accessories (part of the inevitable 'growing up' process I guess), but I think this is just about on the border of what I would still wear.

So what's your favourite? Do you have any personal jewellery rules that help you make selections?

1 comment:

JoJo said...

All Fab pieces! We will have to get around to our sure to be gorgus leather creations! Jx

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