Friday, 24 June 2016

Refashion Friday: Vintage Beach Towel to Swimming Poncho

They see her rolling, they hatin'. So this refashion was probably one of the quickest I've ever undertaken, but also possibly the one I love the most! I did it whilst cooking dinner a couple of months ago before our holiday to Spain, and lemmetellyou my dinners do NOT take long to cook. 

My glamourous assistant is pictured above holding the 'raw material': a thrifted vintage printed beach towel featuring Alicante, which is the part of Spain that we went to in fact. This embarrassingly simple refashion started with me folding the towel in half, cutting a hole in it for Dolores's head, and binding the raw edge of the hole with some wide, soft fold over elastic from my stash. 

I then managed to convince her to stay still for 0.5 seconds so I could roughly gauge where her arms would go, and stitched rows of stitching from the sides towards her armpits to create armholes. In hindsight I made them a bit too high and deep so it's a bit tricky to get on, but I'll unpick and redo them at some point. 

The final task was to cut away the ratty old tasseled hem and apply some pompom trim that I bought especially for the job. Aside from making it look holiday-tastic, the trim aids in weighing down the whole thing. 


Sadly, it never got warm enough during our Spanish break to go swimming and bust out this poncho. However, it got its debut when we spent a lovely sunny day last month at the outdoor water fountains in Bexhill, the next town along the coast from where we live. That was nice because Bexhill was where I charity-shopped the towel from originally. As I say, the armholes need a touch of adjustment, but aside from that this epic refashion is a total WIN, IMO. 


Towel: 50p
Elastic: £0 (from stash bought longggg ago)
Pompom trim: approx. £2.80
Total: £3.30 

Much cheaper and so much more fun than the ubiquitous Peppa Pig towelling ponchos most little girls seem to own.  


Knitwitsowls said...

This is awesome! Might have to male one for me!!! On a side note I HATE Peppa pig with a fiery passion
Put her on the BbQ

Wakeymakes said...

Great idea this. She looks happy in it too. Bonus. K xXx

Kathryn said...

What a quick and satisfying refashion! Though I'd have been tempted to keep that as a towel too as it's such a great print!

Kimberly said...

Towel ponchos + Toddlers = Win.

Next time, try to add a hood, and forget about the sides--it's the best thing ever for a wet 2 and/or 4 year old.

BLD in MT said...

That is VERY clever. Not to mention cute!

Unknown said...

Awesome Zoe! I love your refashion Fridays :)

Mother of Reinvention said...

What a fab refashion. That towel is kitsch in the extreme and absolutely fabulous. Dolores looks so cute in it and I bet that it does the job really well. What a useful thing to have. Xx

Unknown said...

Looks great. lucky girl.

Sara Noemi said...

The trim is adorable!!

razmag said...

What a quick and satisfying refashion! Though I'd have been tempted to keep that as a towel too as it's such a great print!
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