Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Me-Made-May 2019 Enamel Badges: Available Now!!

I told you I had a little thing up my sleeve to celebrate the TENTH Me-Made-May, didn't I?! I worked with Fabric Godmother to get these cute enamel badges produced and they are now available via their website for just £5!!! Plus, 20% of the profits will go to the non-profit organisation 'Labour Behind the Label' (more on that in a bit). They are limited in number, so grab yours quick!

We chose coral because it's Pantone's colour of 2019, and will add a great pop of colour to your me-made garments throughout May (and beyond). I also think the coral looks really stunning with the gold. Personally, I never wear jewellery (aside from my super simple wedding band), so I'm excited to wear my Me-Made-May 2019 badge to add a fancy element to my usual, casual look.

So why the donation to a garment workers' campaign? Well, as someone who makes my own clothing and no longer buys ready to wear, I’ve long been at a loss as to how I can challenge the horrendous, and even life threatening, conditions that garment workers are often forced to work in. I certainly don't believe for a second that a garment worker would thank me for refusing to buy mass produced garments. However, I believe that making our own clothing and avoiding mass-produced garments (particularly 'fast fashion') can be a more sustainable option, environmentally speaking, and therefore better for everyone on the planet, if it is done so with thought and with care (which is a massive part of what Me-Made-May is all about, of course). So this is my answer to the issue of the violation of the rights of garment workers' and their terrible working conditions: making a contribution via an organisation who will know how best to affect positive change.


niddetissus said...

Those are beautiful! Plus, great initiative on your part, both for thinking of making those available for purchase and for donating the money to a worthy cause. :)

vintagerockchick said...

I love my badge - it arrived this morning and I shall wear it with pride throughout May (I just signed up!)

Lincoln Madison said...

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