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Fab Free Kids' Patterns For 6 Years And Up

When I compiled 'My Favourite Free Children's Sewing Patterns' post a couple of years ago, I found that so many of the free children's wear patterns out there tended to be for toddlers and very young children, with a lot of the sizing stopping around six years. And with most kids going to school at this age, and becoming increasingly independent, theoretically more sewing time is freed up for their parents and carers. Yet ironically, this is the age when most of the free kids' sewing patterns dry up!

My daughter will turn six this year, so with a healthy dose of self-interest, I have compiled this list of great-looking free sewing patterns with sizing that go up to at least approx. 8 years. You're welcome! As with my previous blog post list of free kids' sewing patterns, this isn't an exhaustive list of every free pattern out there. This is a selection of patterns that I think look well-drafted and could be useful for creating a well-rounded kids' wardrobe. And I personally plan to try out most of them! I haven't had time to try downloading and investigating every one of these patterns yet, however, where possible, I have included information about the process of accessing the patterns. A massive thanks to all these awesome and generous pattern designers for making their hard work available for free.


(image source: Petit a Petit + Family)

sizes 2 - 8 years

Who's looking for a versatile, unisex, free kids' cardigan pattern? Umm, me! I'm very excited to try making this pattern in a variety of fabrics leftover from other projects, including scraps of ponte and sweatshirt fleece, and maybe from fabric harvested from old knitwear. This pattern is available to buy, but if you have a Facebook account, you can access this pattern for free by requesting to join the Petit a Petit patterns page

(image source: Misusu Patterns)

sizes EU 62 - 164 (approx. 0-3 months to 13-14 years)
(I reviewed this pattern here)

The Rowan tee is an over-sized, boxy, unisex-style T-shirt with two sleeve variations and optional patch pocket that is designed for knit fabrics. This one is easily downloadable from their site. 

(image source: Threads by Caroline)

sizes approx. 9 months to 11 years
(I reviewed this pattern here)

A cute, unisex T-shirt pattern that includes long and short sleeve variations and optional shoulder ruffles and patch pocket? Yes please! The Ester and Ebbe T-shirt, which is available in Swedish as well as English, isn't easily located on their website. However, you can access it (and the sweet Vera skirt pattern, also free): you can access the files by signing up to their newsletter here

(image source: Bobbinhood)

sizes 1/1.5 years to 9/10 years

The amazing screen printing company, Bobbinhood, have released this free kids' sweater pattern presumably as a wonderful canvas for your printing adventures. The sweater can be made in a variety of knit fabrics, depending on how warm you want it. And it literally couldn't be easier to access: you just have to click on the icon once and it starts to download! I've just cut one of these out for my daughter, so I'll report back with my findings soon...

sizes 3 to 14 years

This simple, long-sleeved T-shirt pattern is billed as a pattern for girls, but I personally think this top would be equally suitable for boys if they're into slimmer fits. It could be a great option for making sleep wear tops as well. Ok, I've convinced myself; I'm making this for sleep wear whenever one of my kids next needs some. This pattern is easily downloadable, no sign ups needed, but the site does require you to navigate round A LOT of adverts. 

sizes 3 to 14 years

The tie-front detail, dolman sleeves and relaxed fit make this a really lovely pattern that would look fabulous in drapier single jerseys. I think this could be a real winner with early- and pre-teens, but then what do I know?! As with their Free T-shirt pattern (listed above), this pattern is easy to download but you have to dodge heaps of adverts. 

(image source: Life Sew Savoury)

sizes 4 to 16 years

This swing tee pattern has been graded out to a size 16 years, which seems mighty generous. It's flared at the hips with a slight high-low hem and could be a great pattern to use up small lengths of drape-y knits. I'd love to make this with different fabrics for the front and back. Accessing this pattern is slightly confusing because you are asked to click on a button to download this pattern via Craftsy, however once clicked you don't get redirected to Craftsy at all, and in fact stay on the original site to complete the transaction. 

(image source: Hey June Handmade)

sizes 6 - 16 (I'm assuming that's years)

This prolific pattern company has a number of free sewing patterns, four of which I'm including in this post because I think they look well drafted, and are offered in a generous range of sizes. This swing tee is very similar to the one pictured above it, but seems to have a slightly more trapeze-shaped silhouette and exaggerated hem dip. You can't accuse me of not being thorough. The pattern includes A0 and copyshop versions, as well as your regular print at home option, and was very easy to download.  

(image source: Ikatee patterns)

sizes 3 - 8 years

This beautiful summer blouse pattern is one of the five free patterns on offer from the gorgeous French sewing pattern company, Ikatee, when you sign up to their mailing list. 

(image source: Hey June Handmade)

sizes 2 - 14 (I'm assuming that's years)

If you're looking for an easy hot-weather/holiday-wear project to make for a girl (or boy if they wish of course!), the Happy tank may be worth a look. Designed for knit fabric, the braided racerback straps are a feature that I'm assuming would be fun to make, and this pattern could easily be lengthened into a dress. I also like how clean and user friendly the Hey June Handmade website is, and how easy it is to access their free patterns. Thank you!


(image source: Elegance and Elephants)

sizes 12 months - 9 years
(I reviewed this pattern here)

These classic knit sweatpants look like they have a high comfort factor. They look great for lounging around or more sporty activities. Downloading this pattern was painless, FYI.

(image source: Ikatee patterns)

sizes 3 - 12 years

Another of the five free patterns on offer from Ikatee when you sign up to their mailing list. If these were made in interlock, rib or jersey, they might make great pyjama bottoms. 

(image source: Made By Jack's Mum)

sizes prem/small newborn - 12 years

This may be the last word in kids' leggings patterns, as it includes both slim AND relaxed fit styles with three lengths for each. But the options do not stop there, as each version also includes the choice of cuff or hemmed finishing, plus elasticated waist or jersey waistband options. Oh wait, plus there's a fuller version of both styles in the smaller sizes for cloth-nappied bottoms. Very impressive for a free pattern, I feel. You can access the print-at-home, copy shop and instructions PDFs in the files section of the MBJM Sewing Group on Facebook. Alternatively, you can add them to their cart on their site, but if you are in the UK or Europe, you will need an Etsy account to complete the transaction. 

(image source: @botterman_empire on Instagram)

sizes 2 - 11 years (plus adult women's sizes)
(I reviewed this pattern here)

I had forgotten all about this pattern until my amazingly talented friend Emily made the utterly perfect pair pictured above. After a number of wears, I didn't find the adult version of these as comfy as I'd hoped, so I'd recommend using less-than-precious fabric for a trial pair and find out if your recipient likes wearing them before you make more. Accessing the pattern was simple. 

(image source: Bel'Etoile)

sizes 3 to 14 years

Kind of like a knit version of the City Gym shorts listed above, the Siem shorts have a longer leg length and, being knit, are possibly more comfortable to wear. I'm thinking that this style could work well as summer sleep wear as well (evidently I am obsessed with figuring out if a pattern is suitable for sleep wear!). Oh, AND the pattern is available in Dutch as well as English. 

(image source: @horsesloveapples on Instagram)

sizes 6 months - 12 years
(I reviewed this pattern here)

I think this is a wonderful, basic, woven shorts pattern, however I know I'm not alone in finding that it comes up a bit small, so you might want to opt for a size larger than you'd usually pick. I've also lengthened this pattern to make pyjama bottoms, and generally speaking it's a great canvas for all sorts of customisation and personalisation. This easily downloadable pattern is split into two size ranges: 6 months to 4 years, and 5 to 12 years. 

(image source: Small Dreamfactory)

sizes approx. 0-2 months to 10 years
(I reviewed this pattern here)

If you're looking for a simple A-line knit skirt then stop the clock. Personally, I found that this skirt came out very short, so you may wish to combine the width you need with a longer length. This pattern prints out on impressively few pages, however, be prepared to add your own seam and hem allowances. 

(image source: Hey June Handmade)

sizes 2 - 10 (I'm assuming that's years)

Yet another free pattern by Hey June Handmade, this skirt can be made as an A-line style or as a gathered tiered style (as pictured) and features the clever addition of attached knit shorts underneath. This is PERFECT for my skirt-loving, tree-climbing little girl, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who knows one of those! Easy to download. 

Playsuits and Dresses:

(image source: Elegance and Elephants)

sizes 12 months - 9 years

This woven playsuit pattern has some lovely details and would look fabulous in a solid or printed fabric. 

(image source: Purl Soho)

sizes 2 to 11 years

Another lovely, tie-shoulder, woven playsuit pattern. I'd like to try adding a simple rectangle shape skirt piece to the bottom instead of the shorts section to make this pattern into a dress.

(image source: Sewpony)

sizes 12 months to 10 years
(I reviewed this pattern here)

This bodice-and-full-skirt dress has a relaxed style and a number of optional design details (square or round neck, pockets, collar, side ties, turn-back cuffs). I plan to try making this pattern for Dolores in gingham to be worn as a school dress in warmer months. Please note: you need to sign up to the Sewpony newsletter to access this pattern. After you sign up, you will be sent an email that includes a link to the download page. 

(image source: Made By Oranges)

Scarlet Dress by Made by Oranges
sizes EU 74 - 164 (approx. height in cms)

This spec drawing may not look super inspiring, but the modelled images that you can see here look really sweet. I think this is designed for wovens, but I couldn't tell for sure via the website and have yet to download it for myself. However, what I can tell you is that a free dress pattern with long sleeves can be a rare and therefore valuable thing, depending on the climate where you live of course!

(image source: Hey June Handmade)

sizes 12 months to 8 years

My daughter has owned several hand-me-down dresses like this in the past which were soooo useful in the summer. They are the perfect summer holiday garment if you're going somewhere warm because they don't need ironing. I'm planning to make a few of these this year in lightweight jersey for Dolores to use as summer nightdresses. Unlike some of the other Hey June Handmade free patterns, this one doesn't have a copyshop option but is very easy to download, and pleasingly the PDF includes the layers function so you don't need to waste ink printing out all the sizes you don't need. 

(image source: It's always autumn)

sizes 4 to 14 years

It's like a mini April Rhodes's Staple dress! This simple knit dress is definitely a project that you could make the evening before setting off on holiday, or when all their summer clothes are in the laundry! They've also given instructions to modify this pattern into a raglan sleeved version for something a bit fancier.

Nightwear, Undies, Swimwear and Accessories 

(image source: Sew a Little Seam)

sizes 12 months to 12 years (plus adults sizes)

This fantastic basic pyjama pattern is basically a one-stop shop for all your kid's sleepwear needs because it includes heaps of variations: shorts, capri or long length bottoms with elastic or yoga band waistbands, and short, 3/4 or long sleeve versions for the top. To access this pattern, you will need a Facebook account to be able to join the Sew a Little Seam Facebook group. Once you've done that,  you will find a code that will allow you to download this pattern from their site. 

(image source: Patterns for Pirates)

sizes 3 months to 14 years (plus adults sizes)
(I reviewed this pattern here)

This pattern spans a whopping size range of 3 months to 14 years, at which point you could simply download the equally free adults' version (sizing XS to Plus 3X). So basically, when teamed with a ratty old T-shirt, your entire family is set for pyjamas forever and ever. And because both the adults' and kids' pattern include short shorts, knee length and full length options, you're kind of sorted no matter what climate or season you're sewing for. The pattern is easily accessible through their web-shop, no sign ups needed. 

(image source: Made by Jack's Mum)

sizes 6-12 months to 12 years
(I reviewed this pattern here)

This pattern includes both boxer and brief styles and is for sale, but also available for free when you sign up to their news letter. This pattern might also work as swimwear if made in suitable fabric. 

(image source: Small Dreamfactory)

sizes approx. 9 months to 14 years

This is like an adorable kid's version of my free women's vest pattern! They recommend to use ribbing for the binding and straps, but I fancy trying it with some soft fold over elastic. I don't think the designer has intended this singlet exclusively for underwear/nightwear use, however it's style lends itself that way IMO. 

(image source: Treasurie)

sizes 2 to 14 years

If your child has a bikini top that still fits them but the bottoms have got too small, or they need some bottoms to go with a rash vest, then this looks like a fun, quick sewing project to take on. This pattern could probably also function as the basis for regular undies. I might test this theory and if I do, I'll report back...

(image source: Small Dreamfactory)

sizes approx. 3 to 16 years

I was recently given some small pieces of swimwear fabric and I am so excited to give this pattern a try! You could also add some ruffles to the front and/or back like Swiss army wife did here

(image source: Made By Jack's Mum)

sizes newborn - XL adult (11 sizes)

This basic bucket hat pattern can be used to make a sunhat or rain hat, depending on your fabric choice. Plus I believe it's reversible as well, so you can have lots of fun using up all sorts of fabric scraps. You can access the print-at-home pattern and instructions PDFs in the files section of the MBJM Sewing Group on Facebook. Alternatively, you can add them to their cart on their site, but if you are in the UK or Europe, you will need an Etsy account to complete the transaction. 

(image source: Petit a Petit + Family)

5 sizes approx. 2/4 years - 16+ years

This fantastic-looking apron pattern has inseam pockets with colour blocking potential. The straps are adjustable so it should grow with your child for quite some time. I haven't downloaded this myself yet, but it looks simply enough to do so through their web shop, no sign ups required.


fritzs mum said...

Hello Zoe,
Thank you very much for this well researched article, it’s very helpful and I have already downloaded a few for my granddaughter!
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Margo said...

Thank you for compiling this list!! There are several new to me patterns here, including a few that will work for my 7 yo son. I really like those Movie Night pjs. I have made several Sunny Day Shorts and can recommend that pattern, but I agree it is a slim fit. The first time I made it in a cotton fabric with lycra and it worked great. I also like to add pockets to the fronts as well.

Jacq C said...

Thanks for compiling such a comprehensive list, there were several I wasn’t aware of. I know my niece will definitely be ordering some new things when she sees those options x

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the list Zoe! I love the look of the pyjama but don't have a Facebook account - though I'm sure if I took the time to go through my Ottobre magazines I could find some pjs, or a top and leggings that would work. Also I had discounted the sunny day shorts as I only had the 6month-4 years printed. I had no idea there was another size range -yay!! Thnanks for all your hard overkill in putting this list together.

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