Thursday 26 October 2017

Birthday Pirate Top

Last year, for her third birthday, I made Dolores a princess dress. Thankfully, the desire to be a princess seems to have loosened its grip a little since then, and her pirate games are becoming more frequent. My aim was to make a whole pirate costume, but I realised time was tight so I focused on a top. 


I was pretty sure that some pirate-y vibes would be transmitted by the striped jersey that was left over from my Gable Breton top. But fearing that it wouldn't be sufficiently pirate-y alone, I made a skull and cross bones appliqué using some shop bought felt. 

I used an appliqué foot on my sewing machine for extra visibility so I could stitch really close to the edges of the felt shapes. I love a bit of appliqué, me. Sure, most types of appliqué are super fiddly and time consuming, but I've almost always found that it looks the bomb once it's done.  


I've had my eye on this top pattern since I got the Spring 2015 issue of Ottobre design magazine over two years ago. It's a nice twist on a basic t-shirt shape, I love the bateau neckline and curved hem (I ignored the elasticated sleeve detail). Dolores is now about 104cm tall so that's the size I cut. I probably should have measured the pattern pieces against one of her T-shirts though because it's come up pretty short. It was, however, pleasingly quick to sew together, just like making a mini Agnes top or something. 


I'm happy to report that she has decided to put this on quite a number of times in the few weeks since her birthday. However, despite its 'costume' status, it's clearly comfortable enough to continue to be worn  after her game is over, so it then gets pen, chalk, dinner etc. all down it. I then wince inwardly,  knowing the felt will probably go all bobbly with frequent laundry. But as a wise young Disney character once said, 'Let it go, let it go...'.  


Caroline said...

Such an awesome top Zoe - I bet D loves it!

Mother of Reinvention said...

Wow, what a fabulous top. Dolores looks great in it. I love the appliqué. Xx

Kirsty said...

Let it go indeeed! She loves wearing it, thats the reason you made it to be worn and loved. Better she wears it the death now than falls in love with it when its too small. Although the bonus is you can recreate it when it gets to small! win win :) p.s I wince when my daughter spills things down things I didn't make. DAMMIT thats money wasted if that doesn't come out :) said...

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