Thursday 1 June 2017

#MMMay17: The End!

(the first day of May that I was well enough to get dressed and leave the house)

My goodness, where did that go?! How comes it's June now? For me, the month went by in a sleep-deprived blur. Plus, I think I'm feeling a bit cheated because I spent the first two weeks of May ill with flu. Like, properly should-have-been-in-bed-the-whole-time-ill with flu. However, I managed to stick to my pledge (apart from wearing my husband's fleecy, not-me-made dressing gown for a lot of those two weeks for which I do not apologise) by wearing me-made pyjamas, comfy leggings and sweatshirts. When I finally returned to vague health, I was able to continue to carry out my pledge, but some holes in my current me-made selection definitely became apparent.    

(I loved wearing my Scout tees this May, and Frankie rocked a mum-made dribble bib most days)

As I mentioned in my pledge post, I chose not to document my challenge with daily photos this year, although I did plan to take more than the lonely few images that I got during the month! I'm really pleased that I didn't put pressure on myself to take those daily images, but I do feel sad not to have that collection of photos to look back on, as I have from all previous challenges.

(my selfie game is weak)

I also planned to write down what I wore so I could analyse my wardrobe usage that way, but that didn't happen either. But I did the best I could and got dressed as consciously as possible and definitely learnt some lessons. Here's what I took away from #MMMay17:
  • I have very few hot weather items. I didn't have many to begin with, but I got rid of a lot during a big clothing clear out that I had just before May, as I didn't want my wardrobe clogged up with things that no longer feel 'me' stylistically. 
  • I have even fewer (i.e. pretty much no) warm weather items that are suitable for breastfeeding. My breastfeeding-friendly outfits usually consist of a separates with a vest under the top so I can pull the top up without exposing my belly. But the weather we've had recently has been too warm to wear more than one layer. As a quick fix I shortened the sleeves on my cheetah print Agnes breastfeeding top, but I need to whip up another so I have at least one more option for daytime, out-and-about breastfeeding with dignity! 
  • I really missed my secondhand RTW jeggings. I love the slim-legged silhouette when I'm wearing looser or boxy-shaped tops, and although my black denim ultimate trousers are pretty slim legged, the denim is too thick for warm weather. I've already taken the bold step of cutting up the RTW jeggings (they were really ratty anyway) and made a pattern from them, so watch this space for how that turns out. 
  • It's time to try some different style trousers. Although I have a number of great me-made skirts (all knee-length and knit), I much prefer wearing trousers and jeans. The latter also suit my current playground-and-playgroup-and-no-time-to-shave-my-legs-anyway lifestyle better anyhow. I'm feeling pretty restricted by only owning two pairs of me-made trousers which are both denim and therefore suitable for cooler weather, so I'm going to have to step out of my slim-legged jeans and jeggings comfort zone and try some patterns that are suitable for thinner fabrics. I've been eyeing up both the Made By Rae Luna pants and the Named Clothing Alexandria peg trousers. #Eek.
  • For even warmer weather, I think some shorts are going to be useful. I'd like to make some pairs for being in public (I've got the Deer and Doe Chataigne pattern, and I'm tempted to revisit the Pattern Runway Sweet shorts pattern), plus some for knocking about the house in (the free Purl Soho City shorts pattern perhaps?). 
  • My pairs of denim ultimate trousers really aren't that bad. I've worn them loads, and even though the fit isn't perfect, I doubt anyone is concerning themselves with my under-bum wrinkles! I'm not sure I can muster up the will to try to correct the fit flaws of that pattern right now though, so I'll probably move on to trying another denim-appropriate trouser/jeans pattern closer to the autumn. 
(most of my me-made outfits were accessorised with a somewhat clunky pushchair with buggy board)

If you challenged yourself during May, how was it for you? What did you discover about your me-mades, your creativity, or even about yourself? If you've written a blog post about it, please leave me the link so I can go and check it out.


Mrsrlr said...

It sounds silly but I didn't realise how long 31 days would be. My nemade wardrobe is a lot smaller than I thought and has a big warm weather shaped hole in it. I have moved my Seamwork Akita and Tilly Bettine up my to make list. I also discovered that I've been avoiding patterns with zips, something I need to address as I have a moon fabric duvet cover screaming to be a skirt. I definitely need to plan my makes more to fit in with what I already own. Maybe with planning next Me Made
May will fly by with no repeats! Instagram stitchingrach

Rosemary said...

Hi Zoe.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for Me Made May. I took part for the first time this year and enjoyed it so much. I also learnt a lot! I was so sorry to hear that you were ill and I hope you feel better now in time to enjoy the summery weather. I am in awe that you sew so much with two small children to look after
Thank you again

Casey F said...

If I weren't pregnant, I'd be making these Flint pants from Megan Nielsen! Specifically the awkward mid-shin wide-leg version. Practical for hot weather and very on trend right now. :-)

Rebecca said...

If you looking for a good pants pattern, try the Emerson Shorts by True Bias. Tried and tested by this mum! Includes no zip (because I never have the right size or colour one that I need and also no need to install), flat front but with elastic back (so comfy but doesn't scream "elasticated waist!) and big pockets for all the kid stuff you often need to stash during a playground visit, etc (tissues, dummies, random rocks).

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

So sorry to hear that you were unwell for most of Me Made May this year. Hope you are feeling better now and back in the swing of things. Thank you so much for hosting this annual challenge that brings so many sewing people together. It's such a great community event, full of inspiration, encouragement, sharing, learning and joy. You can read my thoughts on my blog at

Linda said...

Just wanted to add in my thanks too! I took part for the whole month this year, and have connected with so many other sewers on Instagram. I need to sit down and think about my experience, but my first thoughts are that I have lots of highly coloured patterned items - so now I need to make some plain colour basics to go with them! Hope you are feeling better now.

Emily said...

Hope you are fully recovered! Have you thought about the Tessuti Suzy trousers? Cheap(ish) pattern at £5.75 and very easy. I tweaked the waistband to have a flat front and elastic back (like True Bias) but they are lovely, even the 16 year old wanted a pair!

Sue said...

I took part for the first time & failed miserably in documenting it(Instagram Scottiesews,blog apart from the first couple of days - hubby had major surgery & is now undergoing chemo so me time seems restricted. But I discovered I have enough clothes for my working week but not weekends so I really need to work on that. Now that we've had hot weather I feel in bad need of cool dresses for work rather than separates - especially as last years staple white skirt seems to have shrunk. Ahem I need to re start the diet!
So I need to look at weekend wear & summer dresses. I have plenty of patterns but not much fabric or for that matter time but I will need to do something.

Megan said...

Thanks so much for always hosting Me Made May, Zoe :) It's fun to participate with everybody. Here's my roundup post:

Shelagh said...

This was my first me Made May and I loved it. Thanks for coming up with such a great idea! Here's my blog post about it:

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for organising it Zoe - it's been a great month! I've done a round up here:

Sarah x

vintagerockchick said...

Sticking with MeMade throughout May was the easy bit - I even took some pics, but I still haven't posted them. Like you I need some warm weather trousers, and I was looking at the Alexandra Peg trousers today too! As it takes me a million years to get around to anything (Agnes bag STILL on the to-do list!) I expect you'll have worn yours before I get around to thinking about it.
Oh well, life's slower in Norfolk. Thanks for organising MMM again, Gill x

Frenchfancy said...

I'm really pleased with my Me Made May this year. I had no problem sticking to my pledge of one item a day, and even did daily pictures. My round up is here

Thanks for organising.

Pas à pas le chemin said...

Hi! I didn't put the pledge at the beginning of may, just in case I couldn't manage to go to the end but... I did it :
Well, I've learned that basics are not something I like to sew but I need some more simple tshirts for spring and trousers as well and I just can admit I also love put my non handmade clothes on as well as what I sew!!! Very interesting challenge, with no surprise, even if the daily photograph and the "you have to chose handmade this morning even if you want to wear something else" are not so easy in lifetime :) Bravo for getting your challenge to the end despite of flu! (hmmm, my english is not so good this days, sorry) and thanks for this energy you put in that challenge!

pao said...

Hi, Thanks for starting this Zo, it's my first time.

Here's my MMM'17 page

and here's my review post

Kathryn said...

Hi Zoe, thanks so much for organising! I'm glad you're feeling better and wish you well with your trousers quest! My plans are for a New Look wide-legged pattern that lots of people have been making recently, and a Burda pattern which I think will also be good for lighter fabrics. Every year after Me Made May I say I'm going to sew trousers, I hope this year I actually do it! Thanks again for organising. X

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe

I'm so glad you're feeling better after such a groggy May.

I'm really late posting here! Thanks once again for a fun-packed MMM. I managed to meet my official pledge and my personal side goals. I did my final round-up with thoughts here:

I'm pretty happy with my me-made wardrobe, and it's going to be tricky to work out a more challenging pledge next year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, thanks for hosting! This is my second year and I really enjoyed it. Like you I soon discovered I have very little hot weather clothing, but we get so little of it most years, don't we?!

My main post is here if you want to read more:

Unknown said...

Have you ever made the Alexandria pants to be able to compare them with the Luna? As a new mum of 2 under 2 pants are my go too but all I have that almost fits are my stretchy maternity jeans with a good belt to hold them up.

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