Sunday, 18 June 2017

Your Maternity Makes

A lot of my friends and neighbours are pregnant right now, and the heat wave that has just hit the UK is reminding me how it feels to be third-trimester pregnant, and how important it feels to be as comfortable as possible. And then I remembered that I haven't shared any pictures of other peoples' versions of my maternity sewing patterns with you yet. So here's some of my lovely pattern testers, pattern reviewers and customers in their maternity makes...

First up: the Cordelia Maternity Camisole...

(image source: Hello Zoe B)

Brighton belle, Zoe B, looks so divine in the cutest maternity make ever, doesn't she?! She also made her little babe some matching kitty leggings from the leftover fabric. 

(image source: @magpieness on Instagram)

Here's lovely Vanessa McWilliams rocking a Cordelia camisole and a beautiful 7-month bump. I love that sketchy-effect fabric print. 

(image source: Masustak eguzkitan)

Maider and I were both heavily pregnant last summer, however she lives in Spain so was probably feeling even hotter than I was. I'm so pleased that she found the time and energy to make this fabulous anchor (yes, anchor!) print Cordelia. Such a lovely bump, too!

(image source: @mdelilahcarlson on Instagram)

Michelle from House of White shows how useful the Cordelia camisole can be for extending the wearability of non-maternity clothing. During #MMMay17 she layered hers underneath this incredible jacket that she drafted herself.

Second up: the Dolores Maternity Dress...

(image source: @miushkamiushka on Instagram)

Mirjam is an absolute sewing ninja and a seriously creative soul. Her refashioning skills are second to none (she won the Refashioners 2015 Get Shirty community competition!) and she even makes shoes. She made some fabulous garments during her pregnancy last year, including this long-sleeved Dolores maternity dress. 

(image source: @hattie_van_der_krohn on Instagram)

Hattie has got to be the most prolific maternity sewer that there's ever been! Check out her Instagram account to see the full extent of her epic clothing output. I have to include two pictures of her in this maternity makes round up because she just looks too damn lovely! 

(image source: @hattie_van_der_krohn on Instagram)

Hattie already has one daughter, with a second on the way. My hair never looked that good even before I had kids... As I say, too lovely. 

(image source: @vondalin123 on Instagram)

Speaking of epic, check out this stunning picture of Von in her short-sleeved Dolores maternity dress! That side-seam stripe-matching should win some sort of prize as well. 

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Mirjam said...

Oooooh, I love to see all those bumps! It kinda makes me miss my own bump a little :-D By the way, I also loved the two Cordelia Camisoles I made (haven't taken pictures of these yet...) and I still wear them almost every night ;-)
Thank you for your awesome patterns, Zoe!

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