Monday, 19 September 2016

Floral Cordelia Maternity Camisole Undies Set

Around Week 35 of this pregnancy I started to feel pretty physically uncomfortable, and therefore a bit sorry for myself. So I decided to cheer myself up by making a new undies set designed to fit my current frame. These pics are of me at Week 37 rocking the camisole (no one needs to see me in the pants!).


I'm sure it won't shock you to learn that I used my recently released Cordelia maternity camisole pattern for the top half. I already have three of these and wear them all the damn time at the moment, including as I type this. I basically wear them all the time when at home and want to feel comfy, as well to preggers yoga classes and to sleep in. I'll probably be wearing one when I'm in labour and giving birth. Therefore I could justify a pretty new fourth version! 

I've got Cordelia's both with and without the optional bust support panel, but I definitely prefer the extra layer of fabric over the bust that the panel provides if I want to be bra-less. The pic above shows what it looks like inside. 

You've got another shock on the way: I made the pants using my free downloadable undies/pants/knickers pattern. This jersey is pretty stretchy, so I stuck to my regular size (14) even though my hips have expanded a bit over the last few months. However, I made sure that didn't tug the fold over elastic too much when I applied it round the top edge and they haven't ended up too tight. The pants pattern is quite low cut and 'hipster', which make them ideal for wearing during pregnancy when higher cut pants would most likely cut in to your belly uncomfortably. 


I'm not a very floral-y person, fabric-wise, but this aqua blue film grain roses jersey stole my heart when I saw it on the Girl Charlee website. Apparently it's some 'designer overstock score' stuff (who knows exactly what that means? It sounds excitingly shady though doesn't it?!) that has a really lovely soft handle, four-way stretch and a spandex content that gives good recovery. Girl Charlee kindly sent me a length for free that I was originally intending to use whilst developing my maternity leggings pattern. I'm so glad I didn't because I think this fabric lends itself far better to undies.  


This close to b-day, this project definitely marks the end of my personal maternity sewing. I'm so glad that I made these items as they make me really happy whenever I put them on, separately or together, and they're the comfiest things I own. I'll be able to use the pants after pregnancy, and I guess I'll donate the camisole to whoever I know who becomes pregnant next. 


Fabric: £0 (I was sent a sample length for free but you can buy it here for £9.95 per metre. 1.5m would give you way more than you needed for a Cordelia camisole and SoZo pants set.)
Patterns: £0 (these are my own patterns so obviously they were free to me, but you can buy the Cordelia maternity camisole pattern here for £7 and the pants/undies/knickers pattern is free here, where you'll also find a free non-maternity camisole/vest/singlet pattern which is similar to the Cordelia.)
Fold over elastic: approx. £2's worth from a bundle I bought on a stall at Walthamstow market.
Total: £2


Wakeymakes said...

Lovely fabric. No one needs uncomfortable clothes at this stage. Good luck for the coming weeks K xXx

Wakeymakes said...

Lovely fabric. No one needs uncomfortable clothes at this stage. Good luck for the coming weeks K xXx

Naomi said...

Really pretty fabric! I think it's definitely worthwhile to have a few nice things during second and third trimester as I've always felt well and truly "blah" and anything that perks me up gets worn to death!

katherine h said...

It is great that you can make pretty new undies for the last of your pregnancy. I didn't sew undies back when I was pregnant, and kept on wearing really worn out knickers. I remember talking with other pregnant women about how much we were looking forward to getting new undies after the birth.

Your fabric choice is really pretty :)

Good luck for the birth. I hope that all goes well.

Claire said...

You're looking really lovely Zo, and your new makes are lovely too. Hope these last weeks of your pregnancy go speedily!

Christals Creations said...

Well done you. Not long to go. Very pretty fabric. :) x

Hélène said...

You will be the prettiest birthing mama of the day! Love the fabric - it's just the right kind of floral for my taste, too.

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