Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Me-Made-May'15: Days 7 - 13

Thanks everyone who commented on my last batch of documentation from my personal Me-Made-May'15 challenge. There's more where they came from:

Day 7 (photographed a few days later because this outfit got totally covered in toddler vomit before I could get a shot on the actual day, which is a shame because I was wearing it with mustard tights and cardi and I thought it looked pretty 'put together'!)
Long sleeved black knit top that is pretty boring but very useful

Day 8 (There was no one about to take my picture until it got too dark due to looking after a sickly toddler and therefore being in quarantine)

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12
Boring black long sleeved knit top

Day 13

Thoughts this week:

  • I'd prefer to have been more consistent with the photos documenting this challenge, for my own aesthetic pleasure if no one elses, but life happens so I'm not going to be annoyed with myself about a mixtures of approaches.
  • I almost forgot that I'm allowed to wear trousers sometimes! 
  • My nautical Cressida skirt is wayyyy more comfy than I expected. 


Colette said...

I'm really enjoying seeing what everyone is wearing, thank you for hosting this challenge.
Love your outfits too, I'm impressed at just how much you have made, you're very inspiring.

Mother of Reinvention said...

What great outfits. That bandstand skirt is definitely one of my faves. You look very put together every day and I am really impressed by how much your wardrobe seems to match or go with everytjing else. I just buy random stuff and hope for the best. Xxxx

Marilla Walker said...

I'm loving all the skirts and dresses and the Cressida skirt is certainly a good'n! I hope Dolores is feeling much better! X

Kathryn said...

Congratulations on getting pictures taken every day, or almost every day! I'd say that's a real achievement with a toddler! I'm hardly managing to get pics at all but am wearing me-mades most days. I love that first skirt, and it does sound good with mustard tights & cardi. That's great to get a new surprising comfy skirt too!

Helen said...

Loving the mustard. I wore mustard tights this week and felt ace! And interestingly, I got the most IG likes ever on that photo! (I think you would have approved - Breton stripes and mustard!!! :)). I love that Do,ores dress on you. The colour and print are amazing!

Christals Creations said...

You really do have an amazing Me Made wardrobe. You have certainly inspired me to try harder with my Me Mades. I managed three days on the trot and even blogged about it but today the weather is awful and my wardrobe doesn't quite cater for that yet. :)

Jo said...

Loving your wardrobe. I have realised I need to thread mine together a bit more. I make lovely things in all colours and nothing goes together! Navy needs to be on my fabric menu. Jo x

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