Thursday, 7 May 2015

Me-Made-May'15: Days 1 - 6

Bloody hell, has a year really gone by already?! So much has happened but I'm excited to be back and challenging myself again this May. It seems that for most Me-Made-may participants who have been sewing for a while, the main thrust of their pledges is to excavate what lies within the dark crevices of their hand-made wardrobe! I am doing that in the form of wearing skirts and dresses far more than I usually do, to see if I can get myself out of my 'jeans and knit top' formula/rut. Here goes: 

Day 1 (spent in Spain!)

Day 2 (spent in Spain)

Day 3 (spent in airports)
(with secondhand jeans)

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6
Black leggings (yes, they were once maternity leggings, although I called them treggings back then)

Early findings:
  • How comfortable a dress or skirt is really seems to hang on the comfort levels of the footwear and hosiery! Dresses and skirts that can be worn with trainers stop people asking 'why are you all dressed up?' when they are used to seeing me in stained jeans every day. 
  • Doing no photo editing whatsoever leads to less than fab photos (unless you're in sunny Spain) but makes the documentation and sharing process much more amenable. 


Minnado said...

I like the no photo editing. It just shows honesty....loving the outfits so far. You have such a good selection of block colours. Hope this makes sense, my brain isn't working well today. :) x

Philippa said...

Truly, your unedited photos look great! You seem to have worn quite a variety of looks and shapes in your first week. Looking forward to reading your conclusions :)

eclectichomelife said...

Love this. Only just discovered the Me Mades yesterday. Want to join in next year for sure

Jo H. said...

Absolutely re the tights/leggings and shoes! Funny how difficult it is to get that part 'right' in terms of comfort, though!

Jenny said...

Very nice! Definitely embrace the skirts and dresses. So comfortable and easy for spring. People will get used to it. :-)

tialys said...

That's just what annoys me about wearing dresses but, in Summer, bare legs and sandals go well with a lot of dresses and skirts. Is it still a bit nippy over there though?

Mother of Reinvention said...

Love your outfits. Loads of blue, red and black which I love. Wish I had enough me-mades for a month, maybe for next year, although I am wearing a me-made skirt today. Xx

Christals Creations said...

Absolutely brilliant. I have worn one Me Made top so far, I am not doing that well but the small people have been ill and hubby away so the jeans and jersey top uniform has been shrugged on in a zombified state without much thought. I am going to try harder from now on though. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your outfits are so cute! It's hard to dress up more when you're used to wearing more casual clothing (I can totally relate!). A year or two ago during Me-Made-May I wore a blazer to my very casual workplace for the first time and got asked by two different people if I had to go to court! But you look very relaxed and comfortable in these outfits, even if you don't feel it!

Tolkien43 said...

You look fabulous!!! Keep it up!

vintagerockchick said...

Lots of lovely outfits! I'm doing ok with the clothes so far - it's getting the photos taken that's the problem.
And I agree about the footwear - I'm fine wearing dresses with thick tights and boots - but it's getting to shoe and sandal weather and that's definitely not so good for me!

Unknown said...

Zoe, this is a great collection of outfits.
I really like the colours you wear and I have to say that my favourite outfit is day 4.
I think I need to make more 'sneaker appropriate' dresses. :)

Jo said...

I am not photo editing much either and it makes it much easier. great makes. I like the way your clothes all go with each other. I am finding that I have a random wardrobe of pretty colours and patterns. I so need a plain navy skirt!! i am enjoying my first year taking part.

BLD in MT said...

I really like the dresses from day five and six. People used to ask why I was dressed up--or see me on my knees in the garden and say I was going to get my pretty dress all dirty--now they're used to its. It was interesting though. I don't wear traditional tights, but CuddleDud or other silken types of base layer, of course, I live rather northern and it can be brisk! I'd intended to take photos of each day and now realize that I certainly did not. :) Oh well.

Lyn Collett said...

Looking good! I'm loving quite a few of your outfits and am coveting the Dolores top.... I think I'm going to have to make one soon.

Here's my progress so far:

Oh and, on the photo front, I'd love to be a really great photographer but I'm not and I don't have enough time to become one at the moment. It's a case of blog with bad pics or not blog at all right now. Something for me to work on, but I'm choosing not to sweat it. The main thing I would definitely benefit from is someone to take my pics so they aren't all dodgy selfies.

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