Saturday, 31 May 2014

Me-Made-May'14: Days 26 - 31

The last round-up of MMMay'14 documentation photos. I can't believe the month is over! It's flown by.  Come back in a day or two for my thoughts on this year's challenge.

Day 26:
Bird print jersey top (not blogged)
Second hand cardi as per my pledge

Day 27:
Second hand cardi as per my pledge
Captain jacket (not in shot)

Dolores wears: mum-made dribble bib

Day 28:
Captain jacket (not in shot)

Day 29:
Mustard trousers (finally refitted!)
Captain jacket (not in shot)

Dolores wears nothing mum-made but wanted to be in the pic (probably)

Day 30 (Stash fabric day of the Flickr group's photo challenge, so here's most of mine):
Captain jacket (not in shot)

Dolores wears: mum-made dribble bib

Day 31:

Captain jacket (not in shot)

The End! 

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments throughout this year's challenge. I'll be writing my summary of the MMMay'14 experience in a couple of days. I'd love to hear how you found the challenge if you took part.


Caroline said...

I had a great time during my first MMM. What a great idea you had Zoe. Glad you also had fun this year with the added bonus of includng cutie Dolores in the mix too!
You deserve a rest now x

Crab and Bee said...

I really enjoyed seeing how you changed things up to suit your life as a new mom but stayed true to your style. Inspiring! Even though my challenge was to document 5 unique head-to-toe, I still found it rigorous; I've got some wardrobe orphans that don't go with other me-mades or much else, and I might need to make myself another pair of jeans because that's what I want to wear every day. Thanks again!

melissa q. at a happy stitch said...

Thanks so much for running this. You are a rockstar. I had so much fun and learned so much about myself and my sewing! You are fantastic and so is Me Made May. I can't wait for next year.

velosews said...

You're such an active Mum and sewer. Thank you for running #MMM again.
I've enjoyed catching up with previous #MMM and playing with Flickr and Instagram a lot more.
And take a bow.

Scruffybadger said...

Thank you Zoe for running mmm14 ! You've looked fab as always! And so great that you've brought BabyD into it too. Such a cutie!!

Marie said...

I did MUCH better than last year in terms of wearing my me-mades -I managed pretty much every day (with repeats) but unfortunately I floundered a little with the photography again due to an unexpectedly hectic work schedule! Must try harder on that front. Best aspect for me is the Flickr group! Was really fun seeing everyone's makes x

Helen said...

I didn't take part this year because I had a baby at the beginning of May (gosh, can't believe he's nearly a month already!) but I have thoroughly enjoyed following along with everyone. It's been really enjoyable seeing everyone's makes "in action"! Looking forward to rejoining next year! Thank you! X

Rosie said...

Zoe, I cant thank you enough for having created this incredible event! Seriously, bravo! I enjoyed it SO much. I had thought I'd manage wearing me-mades 3, maybe 4 days/wk, but I did it every day! I really underestimated myself and my wardrobe; in fact my me-mades were among the more adventurous/interesting pieces I had and I've a new respect for that. It was fascinating discovering my clothes in a new light, matching up things in new ways & loving the results; I was made to get creative about daily dressing and it was FUN.I met some beautiful fellow travelers through #mmmay14 and have a renewed enthusiasm for sewing after all the inspiration, encouragement, support & compliments! Thank you Zoe, very much,I send a whole lotta love in your direction! Really looking forward to next May...

Philippa said...

I've loved participating again for this my second year. I was pretty rubbish at documentation but scored highly on the learning what I like and what I need to make aspects! Also amazing Flickr this year. So many participants and so much inspiration. It really encourages me, who sews in isolation, to see that there are so many others out there enjoying creating their own stuff! Thank you Zoe! And P.S. Have really enjoyed seeing your pics this year with your adorable little one.

JustSewJenna said...

Thank you Zoe, I've had so much fun. You have looked fantastic in your wonderful clothes and it has been lovely seeing Dolores every day! Time for a holiday?

French Toast Tasha said...

I really enjoyed trying to wear "as much me-made as possible" in my pledge this year, and managed all-m-m more days than I thought I would. I also love having the opportunity to think about what I would need to make a more complete mm wardrobe and checking out what everyone else is wearing.

My documentation still needs work. I really liked journaling my outfits, and it did in fact encourage me to draw at least something simple every day. But sharing the drawings on top of making them was often too much to squeeze in, and I found I didn't want to share them all, some observations were just for me.

Finally, I learned that I cannot knit an entire sweater in a month on the road. I got somewhere around a third done, but it was good motivation to start, and I'm really looking forward to sharing the finished sweater when it's done.

Claire said...

Thanks for organising MMM again, Zoe. I've learnt so much this month and have a road map for my future sewing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming up with the genius idea that is MM May. This is the first year that I've participated and photographed my outfits and I've really enjoyed it. Wearing hand made every day puts a smile on my face.

Sharon said...

Zoe you are amazing a busy mum and still getting some sewing done. Dolores is a real cutie. I have thoroughly enjoyed MMM again this year, it has still shown the holes that I had last year!!

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