Tuesday 25 June 2013

Little Dress Kits Giveaway!!!!


When reading or listening to why people started sewing or knitting, or got back into sewing or knitting after years of non-crafting activity, the arrival of children to make for is a commonly cited cause. Whether it be your own child, grandchild, niece or nephew, a friend's progeny or anyone else's, there is something about a tiny person that frequently seems to inspire the desire to make something. Maybe it's the relative freedom of a project for someone with no set sartorial preferences, or the irresistible draw to make something so small and cute. Or maybe it's something deeper: a desire to provide warmth, comfort and/or fun for the child using your own two hands rather than simply your debit card. If at some point I'd started a tally, by now I would have lost count of the number of participants in the Me-Made/Self-Stitched challenges that left a comment to the effect of 'I got into sewing/knitting for my kids, and now I want to focus on making some things for myself so I'm signing up to this challenge to help me do that'.

But sometimes the desire to create for yours or someone else's kids is there, but it can be difficult to know where to start. That's where Little Dress Kits come in. They design, make and sell project packs containing everything that you'll need to make a super cute, great quality garment for a baby or toddler (excluding the equipment: you'll need scissors, a sewing machine, hand-sewing needle and pins). When I say everything, I'm talking the pattern, full instructions, all fabric, thread, trims, buttons etc. plus a little garment label to give a polished finish. All the hunting down of materials and figuring out how much to buy of each has been done for you, leaving you to focus on the fun bit: making!!! I can't help but feel this is a perfect solution for someone who hasn't got the time or desire to spend half a weekend trawling fabric and haberdashery shops. Plus if you tot up how much a new commercial sewing pattern plus good quality fabric plus thread, notions etc. would be to buy individually, these all-inclusive kits probably work out quite a bit cheaper. The kits are also graded by difficulty to help you select the most appropriate product so you can avoid starting something a bit too advanced and the frustration of getting stuck!

If you are already a keen sewer (and if you are a regular reader of this blog, it's more than possible that you are), but have someone in your life who is always giving you the old 'Oh, I wish I could sew', routine, a gift of one of these Little Dress Kits could start them off on their own sewing journey (without you needing to hold their hand through the process!!). Katie at Little Dress Kits was kind enough to let me choose a kit to have a go at myself. I picked the Sweet Heart Dungarees kit as I didn't know the gender of my baby when she emailed me and it looked like a fairly gender-neutral option (my version is pictured below). Therefore I can say for sure that these kits are very well designed and the instructions are thorough without being overly complicated. Frustratingly, I've got at least a year to wait until my dungarees will actually get worn!!!

I would also say that one fantastic feature of the kits is this: if you retain the pattern pieces and instructions, what's stopping you from making lots more versions? If instead of giving a friend a shop-bought child's garment you gave them one of these kits, it's kind of like 'give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach him how to fish...'. If you see what I mean!

However, I'm not writing this post just to show-off my good fortune at being given a kit for nowt, Katie from Little Dress Kits's generosity extends further still and is offering one of my blog readers a kit of their choice FOR FREE!!! 

The Prize:

One Little Dress Kit of your choice from their range (there are eight to choose from). So head over there and see which you'd like to win. If you are the lucky winner, the kit will be sent to you free of charge, no matter where in the world you live.

How to Enter: 

Once you have picked your favourite Little Dress Kit to either make yourself or give to a friend/loved one, leave a comment below this post including three things:
1) which dress kit you have picked
2) answer the following question: what would you like Little Dress Kits to add to their future range?
3) if I can't access your email address within two clicks of my mouse, leave your email address in the body of the comment. Email addresses will not be used for anything other than contacting you if you win this giveaway.

Not only is this giveaway a chance for you to win a cute children's clothing kit, but it is also an opportunity for us (the online sewing community) to help a new fledgling sewing business with some useful customer research, so please make sure you do complete parts 1) and 2) as outlined above. The closing date for this competition is midnight GMT Tuesday 2nd July. The winner will be picked by random number generator and I will contact them via email for their postal address which I will then pass on to Little Dress Kits so they can send out your prize. So, are you feeling lucky?!


Natalie Garratt said...

Wow, what gorgeous kits. My favourite is the Car Dungarees Kit, and I would love to see a kit for some pyjamas. Email natalie_gouldenathotmaildotcom

Unknown said...

Hi, I adore the little nurse outfit, and that is my favourite. How about a little red riding hood cape? Or/and a super hero cape for boys.


velosews said...

How cute. My nephew's littlest would look great in the sweetheart dungarees.

Skaapie said...

What cute kits! Being of farming stock, I'd go for the tractor dungarees. But my dress-up side loves the nurse's kit. Which got me thinking about firemen and policemen.
Also love the idea of a crossover pinafore and pj's.

Maria said...

I´d pick the sweetheart dungarees, too. Although, beiing a mother, I have to ad that there is nothing really practical in their range. Sweet aprons may be cute, but I much prefere making something that will get worn on a daily basis. So, something like the dungarees, but with long legs, or a pyjama kit (with poppers!) would be really a nice adition.

Miriam said...

I love the tie side pinafore and the dungarees (car or heart - just not a brown fabric kinda gal). I would love to see a simple tunic/cross over style dress and maybe a matching romper for the super cute factor. An envelope neck t-shirt or onesie or a sleeping nighty bag thingy would also be super practical choices.... lovely idea, especially for newbies who might find fabric selection and yardage overwhelming. :o)

Jo Campbell said...

I like the tractor dungarees best. I think a tunic and leggings set would be a good addition or a simple but pretty party dress.

Hazel_Myope said...

I'd probably choose the waistcoat because it looks both cute and easy to make to fit a child you don't see that often, but some things like basic dresses and elastic waist trousers in awesome fabrics would be fun.

Vairë Gwîr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vairë Gwîr said...

Sorry, I messed up with my previous comment. I was saying that I'd really like to win the Sweet Heart Dungarees Kit. My friend is expecting a girl and I'd love to make it for her!
As for additions to the shop, what about a range of products for older kids (maybe up to 3 or 4 years old)? Kits for accessories such as hats or easy fabric shoes could also be quite cool!

Ginny said...

Hmm, shame they are only available in baby sizes! In that case I'll go for the car dugarees in the 6 months size, for my best friend who is expecting. I think some dresses would be a nice addition- a basic pinafore, a simple party dress or sundress. Also as others have said things like simple tunic tops and trousers would also be good. And bigger sizes, definitely!


Macska said...

Ok, this is officially a fantastic idea! Love it!! I hope this business does well, because this is utterly adorable. :-)

If I won, I'd pick the Tractor Dungarees in size 12 months. I think they'd look adorable on my little man, and I love the brown/orange colour scheme.

What about kits for trousers, or for little hoodies? I dress my son in both of those a lot, as well as in dungarees. :-)

Will Cook for Shoes said...

My fav is the little dungarees kit! I'd love to see more dresses!! Just adorable kits tho!


theresa said...

I'd choose the little waistcoat kit - so sweet.
I'd like to see a trouser kit, though I see that they have a tutorial on the site, and or a sun hat kit.

email babybeeclothes @ aol.com

adriprints said...

Oh the sweetness! The Tractor Dungarees are too cute!
I think a lovely addition would be an artist's smock or a laboratory coat. :D
Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Unknown said...

I would love the tractor dungarees kit. They are all beautiful, but I have an attachment to tractors. I would love to see little dresses added and maybe larger sizes. Thanks!

T said...

I'd probably go for the sweetheart dungarees though that waistcoat really made me have to think.
I'd probably ask for a pj kit-a onsie type with poppers and feet mainly because my own attempts to source everything for a cute set has not been successful

Unknown said...

These are adorable and perfect for a few people I know! As I only know people with boys (which is too bad because I ADORE the little nurse apron kit), I'd have to say my favorite is the truck apron. I'm not sure if this is even possible but my suggestion would be to maybe add something so that it can "grow" with the baby. I made a few items for a friend and the baby outgrew them all within a matter of weeks!

Natalie said...

I love the little waistcoat kit. I'd love to see more play kits, like a cowboy set. nat.frizzy.dizzy(at)gmail(dot)com

kukafera said...

OOhh! I love the nurse outfit!!

What about a cook outfit? with a chef's hat??

Flossie Jamieson said...

I would love to win the sweetheart dungarees to make for my daughter as she is the only person in the house for whom I have made no clothing as yet. If the Little Dress kits are missing anything, I would say it had to be a big skirted swishy party dress, and surely all little girls need one of these at some point in their lives? A mini version of the floral fifties numbers i see everywhere would be super cute.

Gretchen said...

I would love the Sweet Heart Dungarees pattern. (I'm expecting my first, a girl, this fall.) I would love to see a simple little dress pattern next in the collection. Nothing much more complicated than the dungarees, really. They are all so cute, and such a great idea!

Kristin at SunnySewing.com said...

I love the sweetheart dungarees :) so cute! I have a new niece up and coming in July that I'd love to gift this to her mother.

I think adding pajamas would be great!

Ros said...

My little nephew will be the perfect size for some Tractor Dungarees very soon.

Brooke said...

I would choose the little nurse apron kit. I have three little girls, so it would be much used after being sewn up!
I think a skirt or shorts kit would be a nice addition to the line.
brooke at richardchurch dot com

Jen said...

I would choose the car dungarees - perfect for my little man! I'd love to see a kit for trousers - I don't often like shop-bought options and would love to be able to make my own for him.

jen.yuill at gmail dot com

vanessa said...

I would love to make the Car Dungarees for my best friend's little boy. And I would love to see a kit for something like this:

Nell said...

My little nephew would love the Tractor Dungarees! I would also like to see a painter's smock - long sleeves with pockets.
My email is nell2054(at)hotmaildotcom

Sew Ducky said...

1) Strawberry apron. My toddler thinks she has to help, and she's not even 2.
2) Larger sizes. While my 20 month old is about in 12 M, she won't be for forever.
3) elletheduck at gmail dot com

The Nelsons said...

The nurses apron! Love it! I'd love pajamas (nightgown and robe?) or a simple dress. Nateandjessica at gmail dot com

Joolz said...

I LOVE the sweet heart dungarees! Would make it for my daughter :)

I've seen some tutorials for kids clothes that involve snaps, but I'm afraid to sew with them, and I don't like going out just to buy little specialized parts- so something like the dungarees pack, but with snaps! (Did I mention my daughters still in diapers...), or products using other harder to find/use notions.

Hatchdeal. At. Gmail

Gill said...

I like the nurse's kit!
How about a fairy kit??

Unknown said...

I would choose the little nurse apron kit in a heartbeat it is adorable! I think a super hero cape and lots of dresses would be great additions!


Beverly said...

I would love to try the sweetheart dungarees set in the 12 month! (The reversible pinafore was also calling out to me.)
Thanks for offering the chance for this. My email is bbclemmer @ gmail.com

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

What a sweet giveaway! Every outfit is adorable, but I would love the tractor dungarees for my brand new grandson :)
Good luck to everyone here!


Keeping my fingers crossed :)

Maybe some hat kits would be nice, like sailor hats?

Amy said...

Oh these are all too cute, I do like the tractor dungarees kit. I think some more girly dungaree options would be cool, or one of those pinafore sleepbag thingys.

ldolan25 said...

beautiful kits! love the Sweet Heart Dungarees Kit and the little waistcoat kit.
I think nappy covers would be a cute edition, cant think of the correct name - bloomers?

lisacdolan at gmail dot com

Zoe said...

Congrats to Giddyauntlola! Thanks everyone else for stopping by my blog and entering this giveaway

Zoe xxx

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