Friday, 5 April 2013

Refashion Friday Inspiration: Lace Embellished T-shirts

It's been a while since I shared a refashion/remake undertaken by myself for Refashion Friday. So to make up for it today I'm going to share three that I've shoved under the umbrella title of 'Lace Embellished T-shirts'. I made these whilst working for TRAID last year. We had an abundance of unwanted mens T-shirts and lots of lengths of random donated lace, so I decided to see if I could make some wearable tops by combining them.  

The paler grey marl T-shirt at the top of this post was created using the 'ingredients' pictured above. I recut the old T-shirt using a self-drafted boat-neck T-shirt pattern. Before I stitched the garment pieces together, I applied some of the lace top-stitching it down in place.  

The darker grey T-shirt pictured above was made in the same way, except I used a scoop neck pattern and I applied two strips of the wider lace in a vertical formation. You can see below that I applied the lace before stitching the pieces together, but if you already had a T-shirt that is a good fit and doesn't require recutting/stitching, you could easily create the same effect by cutting the lace away at the edges rather than trapping it into the seams.   

None of these T-shirts were for me, but if I had to choose one, I'd say the below style was my favourite. It is made using sections of a deeper lace around the yoke area. It appears at the shoulders on the front, either side of a nice round scoop neck (probs my favourite neckline for T-shirts). Because the lace I used didn't have any stretch content, I knew that by positioning it around a lot of the neckline I was effectively restricting the ability to get the garment over the head, but the scoop neckline is low enough to pull and and off without stretching the neckline anyhow. 

The same lace then covers the top back yoke area as well. I really like garments that have back details, although it's something I always forget to address when making garments for myself! Probably because I feel the cold lots, and anything interesting going on on the back would be hidden by all the cardigans I layer on top!

This third T-shirt also has very subtle gathered-head sleeves. I think the contrast of the pale cream lace looks really striking again the black jersey.  


Sabs said...

Ooh I really like the third one. I completely agree about the cold and cardies, I'm exactly the same, but it will be a really pretty little detail if we ever see the summer again!

Jen said...

Oooh they're all lovely but I agree the third one is very striking and is definitely my favourite! I'm so going to try that. X

Rosabella said...

Wow these are lovely, I especially like the first grey one, I may well give this a go today! Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

These are gorgeous! Very feminine :)

Sarah said...

I love them all, the third one is very pretty though!

Claire said...

Ooh, I would consider making something like the third. I think that the back of garments are often overlooked but when you have weather like ours for months and months, no one will ever see it!

Trixie said...

These t-shirts are lovely, especially the third one. I love back details but I'm the same - they always get hidden by cardigans and jackets which feels like such a waste! Having said that, I think I might give lace inserts on the back a go, in a sort of rain-dance inspired warmth-summoning-sewing-ritual-type-thing.

Claire Cooper said...

I love the last one with the back detail - it's beautiful. I haven't done a t-shirt refashion at all and must try one!

Lisa-Jane said...

I love these what a brilliant idea, I shall be busy this week-end. thank you for sharing, your posts are always fabulous and great.

Anonymous said...

I love how you elevate a plain t-shirt into something fabulous!

Marie said...

Gah, I love these...I'm a a huge, huge fan of lace!

niddetissus said...

I love all of those - the lace really sparks up the t-shirts!!

Kelly said...

I love that this both elevates a t-shirt and uses lace in an easy, wearable way. Perfect!

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My Brave True Hero said...

Pretty cool, by simply adding a lace on the clothes added a stunning look on it.

Anonymous said...

What brilliant ideas! As always, thanks for sharing them. once I finish my current skirt binge I'm stocking up on tops and this idea might show up.

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