Sunday 26 August 2012

Slinky Breton Top. Plus: Me-Made-Outfit of the Week

New Slinky Breton Top
Pants (knickers)

Today's post is another double bubble post to document both my favourite self-made outfit of the week and a new creation. This is the outfit I wore all day whilst working at my new desk space and then later to attend the private view of 'Platform', a show consisting of 10 of Brighton's most talented artists and designers organised by my compadre Sarah Rock Cakes (pictured below left). I tried to make this outfit a bit less casual for the evening with the addition of red lipstick. I don't think that worked particularly well but I was very comfy all day!

And onto the top itself. It's a simple self-drafted bateau neck Breton top with 3/4 length sleeves. The fabric is a really drapey and slinky jersey. I probably would have chosen a more substantial jersey/knit fabric if I wasn't committed to using what I already have rather than going to the fabric shop for my projects. But actually the drapey quality makes this top feel lovely to wear.  

It also ended up being a looser fit than I intended, but that's good because perhaps I need to be coaxed out of my usual predictable garment silhouettes. A looser style will work well with my sailor jeans and my new (to me) second hand 70's style high waist flared jeans. 


Sewing Princess said...

Lovely top. Can I ask you if you bound the neckline or serged it in? It looks so neat

Janice said...

Super cute!

petal said...

Great outfit.

Zoe said...

Thanks ladies.

@sewing princess, The neckline was bound by overlocking a strip of fabric which was folded in half along the raw edges of the neck. Can you see the way the stripes are in a different direction at the neck? That's the binding. Hope that's of help.

All the best
Zoe xxx

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