Sunday 12 August 2012

Me-Made-Outfit of the Week

Pants (knickers)

A relaxed outfit that was uber comfy to wear. Initially I thought the combination of these garments might look a bit frumpy as both are fairly loose in fit, but I think the silhouette works ok. I also like the unintentional way I reflected the monochrome magpies with my choice of footwear! 

So, maybe it's a good time to remind peops about the Me-Made-Living flickr group that has been going since the end of this year's Me-Made-May '12 challenge? Yes, I think so. Currently there are over 80 talented and inspiring sewers/knitters/refashioners sharing some killer handmade garments and outfits whenever the mood takes them. Why not join the metaphorical party?!


Szyciologia said...

like it :)

Shannon said...

Love that top! I could live in my Chucks as well.

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