Thursday 8 March 2012

My Sewing Pattern Hoard: Blouses

Spring has been doing that sneaky thing it tends to do at this time of year. Kind of popping up for a day and allowing us to get our hopes up, then disappearing for another week of grey, chilliness and rain. But those Spring glimpses have been wonderful and inevitably got me thinking about Spring/Summer wardrobes and the things I'd like to make and wear. One of my favourite sub-catagories of S/S clothing is blouses. I really like little retro, form-fitting blouses. The right style shows off my shape nicely and their structure usuallly creates a more flattering effect than T-shirts do. Lots of fun can be had with prints, buttons, piping, contrast sections and colour.

Time for me to rummage through the 'shelves of joy' which house my hoard of sewing patterns. I haven't got a lot of time for random sewing projects for myself these days, so your thoughts on which patterns merit a creation are very welcome. For lack of any other method, this batch from my sewing pattern hoard are very vaguely in date order, starting with the oldest.

This early 50s blouse is really lovely, but perhaps not quite my style? It's got a very cute little collar and front pleat or shoulder gather detailing. I'm thinking print rather than solid?

I'm very drawn to View B on this pattern pictured above. I LOVE that collar and can imagine Rizzo wearing something similar, though probably in black. Actually, I love this pattern so much that I've already cut it out in fabric. But evidentally not enough to have ignored the Winter weather around me and actually sewn it together! I not have started making this yet, but I'm pretty convinced it is NOT 'instant' though! I'm sure I'll get round to tackling this eventually. I've cut it out in a floral print, but I'd also like to see what it's like in a stripe with the direction doing something interesting on the collar.

I cannot believe no-one challenged my bid for this on eBay. Hello? Where were you?! Well, your loss... Only joking! It's nice though, eh? Not wildely dissimilar to the pattern above it, but with the all-important addition of grown-on, kimono style sleeves! Which is great and all, but we all know how much fabric those take up! Which version would you make and in what type of fabric?

You may recognise this pattern pictured above from a past creation. That's right, with considerable fit-tweeking, it became my Corazones Rockabilly blouse. Oh, how cute was my hair back then?! The other two views look appealing too: I feel there is a lot that could be done with piping on View A and a contrast collar for View B would be good.

I don't recall buying the pattern above, but I guess I must have. I did actual half-make View A before giving up. It was going really well, but it became apparent that the fabric I was using (really nasty 60s synthetic stuff) was going to feel horrible to wear AND be very see-through. This really isn't my 'style era' anymore, but the gathered neckline and roll collar of View A did look good, so I'm hanging on to this for potential future endeavours.

I'm not sure if the above garment is meant to be a jacket or a blouse, but I guess that's all relative to the type of fabric it's made up in. I kind of hate myself for being into something that is so 'on-trend right now', but I'm really into 70s style peplums at the moment, which is evident from the collection I've snaffled from eBay recently. How would you approach this pattern? I'm thinking a solid colour with contrast buttons? Turquoise and red maybe?

See? More peplums. But I think the genius of this particular garment lies in those crazy sleeve cuffs!!! Totally diner waitress. All sorts of contrast magic could be worked on this. But would you be able to fit a cardigan over those sleeves? Maybe a bolero shrug might make it over them.

Yet MORE peplum madness!!! I love this sun top for so many reason though, not just the peplum. I HAVE to make this for this coming Summer. Those few hot days that the UK achieves, and BAM! I'll be ready with this. But what to make it in? Thoughts please!

This is so 'Nine to Five' era, isn't it?! But look! View 4, it's got soooo much diner waitress potential hasn't it? Maybes some contrast collar and sleeve cuff action would really make my waitress uniform dreams come true. I love it in the stripes too, but unfortunately I don't have enough stripey fabric in my stash for this.

I don't remember buying this pattern either, but once again clearly I did. If you squint, you can't see the floral waterfall ruffle version quite so clearly and you can focus more of your attention to the cap sleeved view they've rendered in red polka dots. Although I've got a really high natural waist, I think I could adapt this and 'make it work'. A liberal smattering of contrast piping around the waist panel and on the collar and sleeve edges would really make this design pop.

A ha! This little blouse pattern is a tried and tested gem. From a 2008 edition of Burda magazine, I've used it twice before, once for my Bird blouse and then again with fit adjustments for the Ship Shape blouse. I've loved that Ship Shape blouse so hard that the collar has begun to fray and the printed design on the buttons is wearing off. I think, out of all of them, this blouse pattern would be the best one for encorporating small bits of amazing fabric that you don't quite have enough of for an entire blouse. I can feel another one of these blouses coming on...

Ah, the Sencha. It barely needs an introduction. As previous explained, I've altered and simplified this pattern so that I'm really happy with it. But seeing as the blue printed version didn't fit my best mate, I've got it back for when I loose enough of my Christmas-belly to make use of it. With that and my Sailor Sencha, I'm not sure I need another of this style. I'm unlikely to stop making them for other people though!

As I say, any thoughts, insights or over-views you have about these patterns, please don't be afraid to pipe up!


EmilyKate said...

Oh, that one from the 2008 Burda was one I've always been meaning to make... gee time flies I could have sworn it wash;t THAT long ago!

Jane said...

Zoe, you MUST have been a diner waitress in a former life, I know it! Predictably, the first three are my faves. I've made two 30's blouses similar to the 1st early 50's one and the print one definitely gets more wear than the plain one. I can see you rocking a print version. Don't want to tempt you or anything but if ever a fabric had your name on it this is it:
I love the Rizzo blouse and can see it looking fab in gingham like on the cover. On the third pattern, view 2 is my fave, maybe in a solid colour with contrast piping and interesting buttons?
Right, might have to stop there or I'll take up all your comments space. Great post, I do love a good blouse! x

Marie said...

I know what you mean about being drawn to cute little blouse patterns when there's a glimmer of warm weather...I'm exactly the same!

You have a very impressive hoard there, but I would absolutely love to see you in:

2nd McCall's pattern down (View B)

Butterick 8614 (View 2)

Style 4675 (View 2)

Simplicity 3266 (View 3)

In no particular order mind ;o)

didyoumakethat said...

I'd go for the Rizzo blouse. I'd pay good money to see you in a version of that. The Sencha was my nemesis - I looked absolutely dreadful in it and gave it to Roobeedoo in the end. Good luck! I know what you mean about Spring. The sewing sap is rising... Without wanting to be overly nosy, have you made any decisions on THE MOST IMPORTANT DRESS OF YOUR LIFE!!!

Kestrel said...

I love the look of the 70s blouse with the pointy cuffs on the short sleeves, in fact all of tops with peplums are really cute, love the sun top too.
I'm currently formulating a plan to create my perfect go-to blouse that I can make again and again and again.

Stevie said...

Hey chick!
I've made the modern simplicity one twice and its surprisingly flattering but it need short sleeves otherwise it tends to drown you with the peplum as well.
I had to shorten the sleeves on both versions I made
The Shawl collar is the version I made but I'm intending to make the waterfall version too it is very pretty!

Kelli Ward said...

I've sewn the simplicity 2601 pattern. The version with the red and white polka dots. It's a great pattern - comes out very anthropologie like. Although it is VERY short waisted. I would lower it by at least an inch if not more.

Vintage Girl said...

Love them all, I think you are right about the t-shirt thing. A button down just looks more put together. Only one warning about the 40's style one, as I made one last week, if you don't clip to the dot at the shoulder all the way, you can get drag lines. Good luck Zoe, these will be great for spring.

Sue said...

I looove simplicity 3266! I really want to try that type of grown-on sleeve. I think I'd do view 3 (pictures in light blue) in a cute floral and maybe use a dotted print for the collar? Sounds a bit cutesy, but undeniably springy!

Andrea said...

Style 4675 is sooo 70's does 40's, I love it! I've made the modern Simplicity, view 3 with a long sleeve from another pattern, in flannel, several times. I think it looks great on a high waist if you make a muslin to be sure of fit first.

Unknown said...

I love all of them, but particularly that first one, it's lovely! Can't wait to see them made up!

Claire (aka Seemane) said...

My vote goes to view C of Butterick 8614 (the blue blouse with the bow trim neckline). V. cute, View B of the same pattern is my next fav :).

Plus view C - with an added tulip/wiggle skirt made into a dress - or a separates, with retro-style a matching fabric covered belt would made a lovely wedding dress for you in red! As separates you'd get more wear out of it post-wedding (if you initially made the blouse quite fitted for the wedding, but with wider seam-allowances on the side-seams, you could then let it out 1-1/2" all the way around for a more every-day fit afterwards!). :)

Claire (aka Seemane) said...

P.S. To add to my last comment - deep-ish red fabric, thicker perhaps a satin twill weave, and a smidgen lower on the neckline, and a teensie bit less width on the cut-on sleeves would look fab on you (especially as you've already fitted it on your Corazones Rockabilly blouse) already s'easie peasie!

kaitui_kiwi said...

How funny! I have Style 4675 too! But my New Years Res was not to make any blouses this year because I make too many of them, I have to learn to branch out and love other top styles ;) I'm not sure if 4675 counts as blouse though, hehe

Heather Lou said...

Ha ha - I have that second peplum pattern too! So much 70's radness. I'm also planning on making something with it this summer - I'm thinking polka dots for some reason.

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

I LOVE the kimono sleeve one, it is so distinctive, love the larger collar on it too. AND, there is nothing to stop you putting a seam just off the shoulder on the blouse, so you can make it up in that style but fit the pattern more economically onto the fabric! :)
I also love the diner waitress one.

Stacy said...

I really like the Simplicity 3266 short-sleeve version. I'm always attracted to shapes like that, as they create the illusion of wider shoulders (which I don't have). I could totally see you in the red polka dot Simplicity 2601--maybe with a contrast collar in white?

lakaribane said...

OMG! I made 6524 back in 2000! My mother had the pattern and I loved the pointy collar. Made it in a poly, medium tulips in various colors, with stem+leaf on a black background. Something unfortunate happened to it (rats!) but I loved it sooo much!

I'm jealous of the rest of your stash, too cute!

Suzanne said...

I totally love the idea of posting your hoard =-)

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