Monday, 22 August 2011

SSS '11 Flickr Group!!!!!!

The SSS '11 Flickr group is fresh out of the oven, come and get it kids!!!!!! Don't burn yourself, mind, as it's likely to be HOT!

Here's some pointers and guidelines about the group:
  • This group has been created for participants of the Self-Stitched-Sept '11 challenge to post images of their outfits/garments that were worn during September 2011. However, if you wish to visit the group page, view the images and read the discussions even if you are not participating in this challenge (or are participating in the challenge but don't want to be part of the Flickr group), you are both able and welcome, however you will not be able to add images of your own or add to the discussions without being a member.

  • To be involved in this Flickr group, you need to go to the group's page and request membership. I will then receive your request and will 'let you in' within a couple of days and you will then be able to post images, respond to discussions and start your own.

  • Please do not use this Flickr group to display your creations, unless THEY WERE ACTUALLY WORN IN SEPTEMBER 2011.

  • Linked to the point above, for obvious reasons, please do not post before Sept 1st 2011.

  • If members do not feel comfortable appearing in photos on a public forum such as this, they are more than welcome to choose an alternative way to display and represent the outfit/garments/accessories worn during this challenge.

  • Please limit your photo uploads to 2 images per day of September.

  • If you are participating in this challenge and are interested in being involved in this Flickr group but maybe do not feel you have the time or inclination to spend a lot of time messing around with images etc., please note that it is in no way compulsory to upload photos everyday. Or even to particpate in this Flickr group at all, of course. Participants are welcome to contribute photos to this group as often or infrequently as they like. If participants don't wish to document every day of the challenge, that is totally fine. You may prefer to only upload your favourite outfit of the week, for example.
This Flickr group is not where the SSS '11 'party is at'. The SSS '11 party is wherever you are if you are participating! The Flickr group is, however, where a group of participants will chose to hang out together and celebrate their trials and tribulations. Hope to see you over there!!!

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