Monday, 7 March 2011

Me-Made-March '11: Days 4, 5 & 6. Plus, Knitwear Refashion #1

Hope you had a wicked weekend. Phew! Mine was pretty busy. But that's one of the things I like most about these me-made challenges: seeing how my self-stitched wardrobe stands up to all that life can through at it!

So, when I personally signed up for MMMar '11, you may recall my whitterings that I was including refashioned knitwear and sweatshirts into the challenge this time round. Well, I actually got round to finishing up one of these intended refashions. I did take 'before' shots of this cardigan, but they weren't very illustrative. This cardigan was very much 'pre-loved', a bit saggy at the cuffs and very bobbley from washes and wears, but it's 100% cashmere so super soft, and the nicest emerald green so I felt I owed it an attempt at resurrection. Here's what happened:

  • Took it in at the sides right from the hem, all along the sideseam and along the sleeves to the cuffs. This brought it down from a UK size 16 to more like a size 14, as well as sorting out the saggy cuff issue.
  • Used a razor to get rid of the worst of the bobble effect.
  • Added the white flower trim (which I had rescued from a thrifted 70's bridesmaid dress back when I was at University) to make it more interesting.
  • Changed the buttons from the wierd dark green ones to these white ones which echo the flower trim.
  • So, back to MMMar '11. Day 4:

  • me-made black sailor trousers
  • me-made navy stripe long sleeve T-shirt (not previously shown on this blog)
  • refashioned cardigan
  • me-made pants and vest
  • me-made coat and bag

In the afternoon I headed back Essex to see my peops for the weekend. Me and my best mate also got new tattoos! Day 5:

  • me-made black sailor trousers
  • me-made Sencha blouse
  • me-made vest and pants
  • me-made coat and bag

Later the same day we got ready to hit the town:

  • me-made Macaron dress
  • me-made pants and coat

My new tattoo probably deserves its own blog post actually. Maybes I'll do that once the scab is all off.

Day 6:

  • me-made black sailor trousers (are you bored of seeing these yet?!)
  • me-made Sencha blouse
  • refashioned cardigan
  • me-made vest and pants
  • me-made coat and bag

No, I don't think these tw tops look very good together either. But the other tops I had with me were too tight on my arm and would have taken the scab off, so wierd combo is was! A big chunk of that day was spent on a variety of trains any how....


Valerie S. said...

Looks like fun! What pattern did you use for the sailor pants?

Unknown said...

I love your sailor pants - do you mind if I ask where you got the pattern from for the knickers?

Clare said...

When I first saw the tattoo photo I thought you were giving blood! I love the cardigan refashion, emerald cashmere is such a winning combination. Am interested to know how you get bobbles off with a razor...

Anonymous said...

I love the macaron dress!

Minnado said...

Love the outfits and the cardigan looks very pretty. The macaroon dress look gorgeous.
I am looking forward to seeing the new tattoo. Have a good week.

Tilly said...

Good to see you sporting some great home sews even when getting a tattoo! What is it of? You look very calm!

Tilly said...

Erm... me again. The word verification word for my previous comment was "bumit". The child in me can't let this pass by without telling someone. Tee hee! Sometimes I think the word verification words are passing judgement on me...

Zoe said...

@ Valerie S, they are Burda 8488 I believe! Or some number like that, I don't have the pattern to hand right now.

@ Miss Oakden, I made my own pattern by tracing my favourite pair of pants then made a few pairs and tweeked them to improve the fit.

@ Clare, you get bobbles off a knit jumper with a razor by shaving it! (I can't imagine what else you'd do with a razor ;-)!)

@ Tilly, it's a bird, will post about it properly soon. It was actually pretty painless, I was quite surprised!

Thanks everyone for your comments and questions xxx

Crab and Bee said...

Just wanted to stop by your blog and say hi as well as thanks for running such a fun event! I'm loving the MMM as well as your Macaron!

- Morgan aka crab & bee

Unknown said...

Didn't realise you had Essex roots until you commentedon my blog post!! I tend to float around the Colchester, Chelmsford and Maldon areas. Where in Essex do you hail from?

Haylee said...

I absolutely love the way you refashioned the green cardigan.
It's driving me crazy that I can't tell what your tattoo is of! haha you should take a close up pic for all of us to enjoy. :)

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