Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Me-Made-March '11: The Flickr Group Lives!!!!!!!!!!

Not the most sophisticated logo ever, I grant you! But there she is, stitching up a storm all ready for the onset of Me-Made-March '11!

I hope everyone is as excited as I am. I'm sure you know how this whole self-stitched challenge works by now. All participants have already made their own particular challenge specifications to dress by throughout March. So, you wake up in the morning of March 1st, put on your rocking outfit comprising of or including self-stitched items, and then what? Maybees you want to share your awesome look with others who are in the same boat. And come to think about it, wouldn't it be cool to see what the other participants are wearing too? What would be the quickest and easiest way to do those things? Umm? Through the new MMMar '11 Flickr group of course!!!!!!!!!!

So if you have signed up as a participant of MMMar '11 with a Flickr account, head on over and sign up to become a member. That way you can post your daily outfit pics to the MMMar '11 photo pool, comment on other peoples' photos, get involved in related discussions or start your own discussions.

This is the third time I've created one of these Flickr groups to support these me-made/self-stitched challenges, and I'm learning as I go along, so this time I've decided to make a few points to note:
  • You will be inable to upload photos to the pool or get involved in discussions unless you become a member
  • If you are a participant but do not wish to get a Flickr account or participate in the Flickr group, that is absolutely fine, you are still able and welcome to 'pop by' the MMMar '11 Flickr group to see what everyone is wearing and read the discussions, you just won't be able to contribute
  • Similarly, if you are NOT a participant of MMMar '11, there is no need for you to sign up to the Flickr group. You are equally able and welcome to see all the pool photos and discussions, nothing is secret or 'members only', you just won't be able to upload photos or contribute to the discussions of course
  • PLEASE do not upload more than two photos of each day in March. With so many people participating, there will be thousands of photos. It will keep it more managable and equal if each person only shows one or two outfit pics for each day. If you have lots you want to share with people, you could include a link in the description section of your pool photo which includes your blog address where those who wish to see more of a particular garment/outfit can do so.
  • You do not need to post outfit photos on the actual day you wore the outfit, you are welcome to upload a whole weeks worth in one go if you wish. Whenever is most convenient for you.
  • Please do not use this group for simply displaying your latest projects unless they are forming part of an outfit you wear during the challenge. That's what Burdastyle is for!
  • For obvious reasons, please do not add a photo to the group pool until March 1st, though if you wish to start a discussion sooner, please go ahead.
  • It might take a couple of days for your membership to the group to be activated, it is not an instant action. Most times you should find you are a member within 12 hours.
  • ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any questions, please leave a comment and I'll be happy to clarify anything. It's a free and easy group, I just needed to sharpen up a few points to make this the best and most enjoyable me-made/self-stitched challenge yet!


Marina von Koenig said...

Thank you, Zoe! I am looking forward to this new experience!

Stephen said...

Thanks for putting this together, and especially for setting a limit on how many photos may be uploaded. It got a little silly last time...

Steph said...

Bother. That was me, I'm on my husband's computer.

shams said...

Yes, THANKS for setting a limit for number of photos per day!!! Two is perfect!

Sigrid said...

Zoe, thanks for all the organization. It's aways fun.

Sölvi said...

Thanks for putting this up, and I´m agreeing with you and the others about the photo amount! Perfect with two:-)

Mandi Stephanie said...

I am headed over to join the flickr group zoe :) i have on my first me made outfit at work today - i realised it was the last day of feb last night and was so excited!

Veronica Darling... said...

Good luck with it all Zo, and everyone else, have fun!

I'm stacks busy this time of year, so September is my favourite month to photograph and wear all my lovely clothes.

Overall, wearing self stitched stuff isn't as challenging now that I'm sewing so much, even my thrifted things are refashioned items as well. I'll join in later in the year! xoxo

Unknown said...

I am participating and btw love your blog - one little difference for me though I am pledging that my daughter wears handmade each day.

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