Friday, 1 October 2010

Self-Stitched-September: Days 29 & 30

Now I clearly didn't balance the documentation of SSS very well, what with the last post covering a whole week's worth of outfits (and debacles) and this one only two days. Thus is the nature of irregular internet access I'm afraid. Anywho...

Day 29:

Worky worky work work work. Black Jenny skirt and Port Elizabeth top (and self-stitched pants, Saint Cardigan and yellow curtain jacket where appropriate) were once again deployed for the purpose of supervising a patisserie that may or may not be able to look after itself if I wasn't there.

Day 30:

A happier day came to pass with a day off which nicely coincided with the final day of Self-Stitched-September. And what better way to celebrate such a feat than with a new garment?! Having planned them some weeks ago, the final processes were delivered on the eve of Day 29 so that Day 30 could commence in new denim sailor trousers (and bustier T-shirt, Saint Cardigan, yellow curtain jacket and pants). The trousers were created using Burda 8488, the same pattern as my black sailor trousers which debuted on Day 9 and have formed a significant part in my working wardrobe ever since. The denim version were clearly much quicker to make as I knew the modifications and adaptions that would need to be made to the pattern ahead of time. The denim is a lovely, almost silky, broken twill weave (if you look on the reverse side, the threads make zigzags rather than the usual diagonal effect you'd expect from a standard twill weave) in a lovely mid-blue. I'm a sucker for a broken twill weave denim, which is why Wrangler jeans will always be closer to my heart than any other mass manufacturer of denim wear because they have used broken twill denim in many of their products in the past. The buttons came from the car boot sale by Wimbledon dog track that I visited a couple of weeks ago.

After visiting Shabitat (pictured above), the warehouse/shop section of a Brighton based recycling group, for pre-loved homewares for our little home, I took the train to London to meet:

Michelle! One of the lovliest stitchers out there. I met this beautiful lady a few years ago through the London-based sewing group I used to organise. If you need proof of her stitching genius, you need look no further than her gorgeous and quirky etsy shop. It was so nice to see her and indulge in deep, prolonged conversation of the crafty kind!

So there you have it. SSS is complete. As with Me-Made-March and Me-Made-May before it, I've learnt a few things from this challenge that I hope will inform my sewing and consumption from here on out. The specifics of these lessons learnt will, I'm sure, be divulged as normal broadcasting is resumed here at 'So, Zo'. I need some time to fully digest and process the events, thoughts and feelings of September. In many ways it's been a very hard month personally, a real rollercoaster. I've regretted not being able to have participated in and supported the SSS Flickr group as much as I would have liked due to physically moving around alot and not having regular internet access. But it is a testiment to the awesome and inspiring members of that group that it has been such a vibrant place of documentation of this challenge. The Me-Made-May Flickr group was a real surprise in that I never expected to be able to create something that could form the basis of such a genuinely supportive community. The SSS version didn't disappoint, and sustained a similar sense of community and then ran with it resulting in a seriously weighty volume of awesome images that I'm looking forward to sitting down and fully digesting now that I have reliable internets.

I really hope that those who were part of the challenge and Flickr group choose to share their personal thoughts and conclusions on the discussion board. Anyone who was part of the challenge and writes a blog post (if you have a blog) that includes any thoughts or summaries, please leave me a link, I would hate to miss it but with so many participants it's tricky to keep track. So thanks everyone who participated and/or commented along the way. See you next time (hint: March).


AmeliaSews said...

Thanks for making the whole thing possible! I've had a lot of fun and learned alot. I wrote a summary at my blog
Looking forward to another iteration in the future!

Clare said...

I think it's amazing you started the MMM and SSS off and continued with the self-stitched theme despite the challenges of this month.I didn't participate this time but had a look at the flickr group and so many people are involved! Incredible! I love the denim version of the Burda trousers and that gold jacket is delicious. I hope you're more settled now and enjoying Brighton.

Scruffybadger said...

I have REALLY enjoyed it, only being a watcher in May. I'm afraid I couldn't bring myself to get around Flickr as well. I've reflected on the whole SSS at my blog.

Love your denim sailors!!Thank you for organising SSS too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for organising SSS. This is the 1st time I've participated & I've learned so much. I've posted some thoughts at
I'm definitely going to join in future challenges. Thanks again.

naughty little pony said...

Congrats on the last day of SSS, it was so great to see you! Those jeans are amazing. Thanks for the props! you are too good to me. xx

Roobeedoo said...

Hi there! The above is a link to my conclusions about SSS. It was a great challenge and I know it has changed the way I think about my stitching and how I decide what to wear. And I discovered so many other self-stitchers too!

Fourth Daughter said...

I didn't join the flickr group as I'm technologically challenged, will have to try next time. But I did enjoy SSS! I didn't do a wrap up really, but here's the link to my last post for it.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

This was my first online sewing challenge, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Seeing all the hand-created outfits from all over the world was fascinating. I'm in awe of all the great stitchers out there.
My hat's off to you for being able to complete SSS while moving and getting a new job!
I learned that I will have to prepare more items before the challenge begins. And I'll remember to use FLickr more. So, Zoe, I'm hoping to join your next self-made month!
Thank you for organizing this!

frk.bustad said...

Congrats on your SSS fulfilment! You've done a great job. I'm preparing for MMM, half a year of planning/sewing time should do.

It's really great to see the influence you've made on the sewing/blogging community, giving encouragement and inspiration! Well done!

Minnado said...

The denim trousers look fab. Thank you for organising SSS. I have written some reflections on my blog. (
Hope you are settled into Brighton life. Shabitat - I am so jealous - nothing like that near to where I live. Brighton is a kind of unique town.

Valerie said...

I must say thank you for the organization of this stupendous sewing challenge. I am inspired not only by your sewing, but also your willingness to persevere through such a tough month! Both pairs of your trousers are just the cutest, by the way!

I did a little reflected on SSS myself on my blog:

See you in March!

Alexandra said...

I didn't take part but following everyone's outfits on flickr and blogs has been so inspirational...i can't stop sewing :) Have a great week xx

Chrissy Weeks said...

Hi Zoe - I did a wrap up of my SSS here:

I am still wearing my clothes everyday to the point my husband asked me "is it still September?"
It was super fun. Thanks for organizing!

Alessa said...

I had lots of fun during SSS (lite) and I'm so looking forward to Me-Made March 2011, I'll try for the whole shebang then! The whole idea of a me-made month is really genious. :)

I've also written a little conclusion:

christina said...

First of all thanks! This is an amazing challenge. Second congrats on those cute jeans. I think jeans are one of the next things I'll try to make. And third but not least, my final ramblings about SSS can be found here:

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