Monday 4 October 2010

Recent Acquisitions

Ok, I've been pretty bad, I must admit. A couple of months back I had a mini-fundraiser in which I sold off some of my vintage pattern collection, the proceeds of which went towards enabling my move back to UK. That did happen, but so did something else: a lot more sewing pattern buying, particularly of the vintage variety. Personally, I find it difficult to justify having lots of patterns, especially if they never get used: having things just for the sake of it. Plus, my desire and need to limit my possessions precludes it. Perhaps you will allow me to confess and hopefully absolve my sins:

Burda 8488, the only new 'un of the bunch. This purchase has actually been justified by having already used it twice, once in black predominantly for work and later in denim for off-duty duties. These two pairs currently form the entirety of my trouser selection.

Somehow I am generally able to justify buying and owning vintage patterns easier than new ones. I guess my logic is that they are small pieces of history that I can pick up for relatively little and can be used to recreate styles that might have been worn by my fore-mothers but in a way that suits my own style, thus creating a bridge between the past and the present (or future depending when I'll get round to making and wearing these pieces). That, and I'm basically a dirty addict.

However, this fantastic Simplicity coat pattern above which I bought from The Wilted Magnolia, who was selling off some of her collection which inspired my own sale, should be pretty justifiable on the grounds that I haven't got a winter coat and cold weather is rapidly drawing close. Seeing as I already have a fairly outlandish lighter coat (the imfamous leopard coat), I aim to make this pattern in a more subdued plain black or navy. But don't hold me to that!

The dress pattern part is also quite intriguing. I think it would look pretty awesome with the front panel in a horizontal navy and white stripe and the sides and sleeves in solid navy. Or red. Or red and navy. Or navy with red piping. Or red with navy piping. You catch my drift.

Because the Wilted Magnolia is such a generous character, she sent me some surprise patterns along with the Simplicity one I bought including this awesome Vogue one pictured above. How frikkin' nice is this pattern?! I LOVE the green version with the gold buttons and would be tempted to try and recreate this exactly. I'm also envisioning a blue and red check wool version as a homage to a GSUS Industries one I saw a while back.

Hmm, sensible and seasonal (and therefore justifiable) sewing starts to go out the window at this point. What I do not need is light-ish fabric short sleeved dresses. Oh. This McCalls pattern is just so nice though isn't it?! I think I scored if off ebay. I love both skirt versions and have vague plans to use it for some incredible African wax fabric my mate bought me from Ghana. It could also be very cool made with a different fabric for the top part so that creates a kind of trompe l'oeil blouse and skirt effect.

Too. Frikkin'. Good. I was hunting for the perfect Rockabilly style blouse pattern and had the incredible fortune to find three in one envelope! Found on Etsy, it cost more than I usually pay for patterns, which considering I don't tend to go over £2 isn't exactly hard, but I think this one is worth it. I want to make all three styles ten times each. One may have to be gingham. I plan to use my recently aquired patience to spend some time making a toile to get a really good fit for future variations.

Also on a Rockabilly tip, I bought the Simplicity pattern above as it is almost identical in style to some fantastic kitschy sailor dresses I've been oggling online. The contrast collar is a winner for me. I can't get beyond the desire to make this in navy with a white collar, perhaps with a navy stripe along the edge of the collar. It's going to be such a strong look if done right.

Yep, ANOTHER early sixties wiggle dress pattern. This one has mid-century kimono sleeves which is a debilitating weakness of mine. The neck and sleeve edges are bound using bias binding, which could be a great opportunity for all sorts of contrast high-jinks.

A pattern which cost just 50p from a charity shops needs no justification at all actually, but thought I'd show you this anyway. This would have been useful for Me-Made-March and Me-Made-May when I determindly went both months without using a dressing gown at all (aside from dressing gown-gate) despite really missing one because I hadn't made one. I must confess that I did actually wear a non-self-stitched dressing gown on occassion during SSS. I just didn't have the opportunity to make one beforehand and since I already have one warm one, didn't really see the point in making another until that one 'dies'. I'd like to use this pattern to make light weight summer one (for the two days a year that that will be useful now I'm back living in UK) with some lilac slinky satin stuff I have lurking in my stash.
Ok, confession over. Guilt subdued.


Claire (aka Seemane) said...

OMG! I adore the Simplicty Coat pattern & the trio of blouses - I especailly like the view C blouse & could see it in a striped fabric with a striped collar (where the stripes follow around the neck) - perhaps in nautical hues of blue 'n' white would look cute ;)?

Sunni said...

You lucky, lucky girl! I love each and every one of them! Wish they were all mine, but if I had to choose which one to make first I would love that Simplicity 3038 number. Oh swoon!!!! What love at first sight. Make that one first please. Pretty please.

Alessa said...

Wow, lot's of cute patterns and I guess with losing so many of your clothing, you're justified in splurging a little on patterns... The trousers your turned out are really awesome and I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll make of the rest!

molly said...

They're all great, you're so lucky to have so many awesome patterns! I hope you can make them all (with patience of course)

Roobeedoo said...

Ooh yeah that green coat demands to be copied! And Rockabilly blouses are my new love so you've got me interested there too! I look forward to seeing the garments appear!

Tilly said...

Oh Zo, these are totally justifiable and so gorgeous!! LOVE that green coat (do it!) and the dresses and everything really. Can't wait to see your creations!

Anonymous said...

My fave is the vogue coat one. But then, I seem to be a sucker for coat and jacket patterns of all varieties. I'd make it in the long, long version, but then I have a thing for long coats.

What a fun bunch of acquisitions. I have few illusions of non-materialism myself... I have a hard time buying patterns solely because I'm a cheapskate ;).

Minnado said...

These are great patterns - I love the Simplicity 8591 - how can you decide between red with navy piping or navy with red piping?? Thanks for your comment - a charity shopping meetup would be so great if only we lived closer. Somehow I imagine chairty shops in Brighton may be expensive and harder to find bargains than some provincial towns given the fact there is a clued up population living there. Have a good week x

frk.bustad said...

I would say that these patterns justify everything, you only lack a skirt pattern, and you could make a full wardrobe of these patterns! And I love the vogue coat pattern, please please make it! And the blouse pattern also, so versatile!

Fourth Daughter said...

All those vintage ones are gorgeous, I share your addiction but am too scared to count my collection, I must have over 100 vintage patterns and I've hardly used any of them as a lot of the time I just buy them cos I love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the coat patterns Zoe! I'm so glad you liked them! If only they had been in MY size... ;)

Ah well...on to your stash instead of mine.

And blue wool will be fabulous in that coat!

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