Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Two is the Magic Number

If you're in the UK at the moment and thinking about hitting the charity shops sometime soon, I wouldn't bother. My recent visit has left the charity shops of the southern counties a little light on stock. Here's a sampler of my acquisions, all purchased for £2 a pop! Apologies for the night shots, I've gone nocturnal until further notice (too hot).


Very nice sandals (technically bought from a vendor on Brick Lane, rather than a charity shop, but second-hand nevertheless. Actually I think she was Spanish, selling her stash before leaving London.) A thoroughly amazing day was had around the Spitalfields/Brick Lane stomping ground with my home-lady Michelle.

Primark retro-print cotton top, which is excellent for the frankly excessive Barcelona summer heat. Now, Primark are pretty much at the top of my list of Most Hated Mass-Manufacturers, however, as a former addict, I do at times feel the pull towards their often quite nice designs. So it's good to be able to peruse their wares later down the foodchain in the charity shops, with the guilt of direct purchase eliminated.

I did replace the missing decorative button with this beautiful vintage one from my stash.

Let's just check how it works in a bar (accessorised out of shot with a caipirinha):

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank my folks, for their encouragement in the development of my charity shopping skills from a young age, and whom have always believed in my abilities.


Kate Moore said...

The sandals are a top score. So is the shirt. I like the new button.

Katie said...

Love the big bag!

Really enjoyed reading 'The Return of the Blouse' in MixTape too! Katie x

naughty little pony said...

Great bargains, makes me want to go op-shopping. Ooo I will go check out MixTape!

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