Monday 17 August 2009

Dressing for Dinner

Back in Victorian times, it was common for peops of the middle and upper class persuasion to change their garms a bunch of times throughout the day, particularly for having dinner. The middle classes largely knocked this custom on the head after the onset of the First World War, what with there being far more important things going on. *

These days, I am very thankful to report, our menfolk seem to be relatively safe. So maybe we should once again think about introducing a bit more celebration and ritual into our lives and wardrobes. I'm a big fan of 'getting done up' for going out for a meal, but what I'm proposing is REALLY getting dressed to go for a meal, eg:

This woman is SO going out for some sushi! Hell yes she is, and I want to join her, she looks like a right laugh. But what if you just fancy a takeaway? It's ok, I've thought about this!:

I think that garments are a great way to add some fun to your day to day, so if you're planning on spending a day whipping up some magic in the kitchen, maybe you should get sewing first. Those crazy 50's fabric designers were all over this tip back in the day:


Of course, cocktail o'clock may also require it's own dress:

So that's home cooking, takeaways, sushi and drinks covered (and this site can provide you with fabric of pretty much every ingredient you can think of). But what if you're just heading out to eat with no specific food genre in mind? Or your heading over to a friends for dinner and don't want to make any assumptions? It's ok! Fashion yourself an all-angles-covered garm from this!

I reckon an Anda dress would be your best bet (plenty of room round the belly!)

* Historical 'facts' interpretted by Zoe

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