Saturday 27 June 2009

Now you think about what you did

Whilst peeking through previous posts on one of my more recent blog acquaintances, Bloom's Fabric Obsession, I spotted an interesting post she based on an article in the Australian Stitches magazine. It listed the top 10 wardrobe mistakes of a sewer, Bloom’s witty and insightful comments on the article can be viewed here, however I thought I’d add my tup’ney worth:

1. Wearing the wrong colour:
I have deliberately avoided learning too much about what colours are meant to compliment mine and other peoples’ complexions. I think I would find myself analysing people and clothing even more than I already do, and that’s just not brain-space I’m prepared to relinquish. Also, if you are naturally drawn to certain colours, as we all are, aren’t those colours, as a reflection of your personality, what you should be wearing? If indeed they turn out to be different from the ones that you could get ‘prescribed’ to you by ‘experts’? See what I mean? Too much brain-space required. All I can say is that, presently I’m aiming for more red and turquoise garmentage.

2. Sewing and wearing garments that are too big:
Sooooper annoying when you make something that turns out to be too big because the pattern’s size guide was inaccurate. Unpicking is so disheartening. I am getting more disciplined at refitting a garment, but often it has to be initially left and revisited at a later date, as the pain can be too raw to tackle the unwearable garment immediately.

3. Not wearing what we sew:
Generally this only happens to me when the garment turns out too big (see above) or I can no longer get my expanded ass into something. That can be pretty heart breaking too. I’ve often considered going on a crash diet just to recapture the ability to wear one specific garment, which wouldn’t work as the rest of my wardrobe would no longer fit.

4. Not accessorising:
Guilty, for shizzle. This also includes jewellery wearing. I think I’m going to have to make some dresses and tops that have appropriate necklines SPECIFICALLY for necklace wearing ease. I’m not a born accessoriser, so maybe I have to employ this type of planning to cheat a look into appearing naturally more cohesive.

5. Putting all our money into fabric and not enough into ourselves:
What? They are the same thing aren’t they?

6. Mixing day and evening wear:
At first I wasn’t sure what was meant to be the crime here, wearing sequins in the daytime or scuzzy jeans when out on the razzle. Actually I’m still not sure. Hmm, maybe I’ve been walking around with my eyes closed but I’m not sure I’ve seen much evidence of either round my way, and if such things did occur, would it be so bad? Anyways.....

7. Spending all out time sewing and not enough grooming:
Yep, for sure, though hair and makeup looks are limited at the moment because it’s so damn hot and sticky during the day. Also throw into this category failing to see that a healthier diet and more exercise would be a far greater benefit to my overall look than my latest creation.

8. Focusing on big projects and neglecting everyday clothes:
Getting better at this (see previous ‘Lessons Learnt’ post). I don’t have the patience required to make a massive fancy dress anyhow, and you can keep tailoring. I’d much rather rustle up a quick skirt that takes maximum three prep and sewing sessions to complete.

9. Neglecting undergarments:
Unless we are talking about eveningwear, how important is this really?

10. Not investing enough time in fit:
Yes yes yes, I know, stop going on. This is linked to point no.2, wearing things that are too big. But fitting my garments isn’t so easy with my mum living in another country. I did get my boy doing some pinning the other day, so there’s potential there.

I think this articles main value is making sewers think about what they are creating and why. Seeing as I think about these type of questions excessively anyhow, it was good to have someone else’s thoughts from which to shed a new light onto such topics.


naughty little pony said...
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naughty little pony said...

I've been thinking about such things so much lately, wow. The colours that my fabric eye are drawn to are NOT the colours I want to wear, and it has taken me SO long to adjust accordingly. But today I tidied my fabric shelves and there is a perceivable change! I might blog it for you now! Look at me on my very own laptop!! Now I'm poor.
(letter soon)

PepperToast said...

I know this is a looooooooooong time ago LOL but do you have any information about the fabric you posted?


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