Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Workwear Experiment, item #1

At work I have to wear black. Fair enough, it's pretty easy. Basically I wear whatever black stuff I have floating around, and not much caring. However, I am the first to agree with the statement that what you wear changes how you feel and perceive yourself (as well as how others perceive you, but let's concentrate on personal perception for now). So maybe it's time this dicotomy of mine got a re-think.

I have an on-going internal dialogue with myself about how I would like to look (/be/be seen/act/etc.), which is miles away from how I actually dress for the majority of the time. So how about trying to change and challenge that through what I am wearing at work, seeing as I spend most of my non-tracksuit bottom or pyjama-wearing hours in my work clothes?

Seeing as I have signed up to the Wardrobe Refashion pledge (more on this in the future), I cannot buy any new clothes, so I'm going to have to make some (hopefully more appealing) items with my own hands. So I plan to make some garments that I feel are more representative of how I would like to dress. In black. To wear at work. The added plus is: I always feel pretty damn pleased when I'm wearing a garment I made myself, so this should hopefully compound any positive joojoo I hope to incure from this experiment.

This morning I whipped up (I really must make a note to have more pride in using a phrase like that, not everyone can do that, even successful-career people) this uber-quick and simple top from my Built by Wendy pattern (Simplicity 3835). This is the fourth garment I have created based on this pattern (and have a further two variations planned), all slightly different and slightly adapted from the actual pattern. For this one, I made view C, but made the sleeves ever-so-slightly fuller.

Now I must dash and get ready for the aforementioned work, let's see how I feel after a shift in my latest creation. Apologies for the amateur bathroom mirror photography, I thought about asking the bloke who collected our broken oven today to help, but he seemed a bit busy!

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:::::silvia sella::::: said...

damn, at work I rely on the soft candlelight illumination and on the fact that customers are drunk! I'll start to worry now.. Anyway!! I linked you!! ah ah! from the doormat's post. I promise I'll send pics of your skirt asap :-)

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