Saturday, 9 February 2008

Dans Le Chat Noir....

Last night I went to The Black Cat for the ongoing celebrations of my friend Jack's birthday. A bit of a busman's holiday really as I work there, but several Thames Riviera Spritzers later, I'm not sure I could tell you where I was with complete certainty! Anyway, I decided I wanted a new outfit to wear so spent a couple of evenings cracking on with a project I'd been planning for some time...
Me and the (belated) birthday boy:

The science part:

The pattern was the 'Danielle' dress downloaded from the Burdastyle website. I wasn't very inspired by the pattern initially (probably because it was hard to see beyond the fact that they'd made it in crushed-bloody-velvet!) but having seen some of the other contributors' versions I thought I'd give it a whirl. Because everything I've made from the Burdastyle webite has come out too big, I deliberately made this a size too small. Mistake. I was hoping it could be a day or evening dress, but I think it's too corset-y to be worn without a drink in hand.

Generally I find it impossible to leave a pettern alone and not alter it somehow. This is no exception as I had to re-draft the bodice to add the CF and CB black panels, as the bodice fabric (vintage tea towels!) I used weren't quite wide enough. I also had to fully line the bodice as the fabric was too unstable to just make neckline facings. Otherwise, I would have preferred the skirt to be a basic A-line, rather than the front pleated and less-full skirt that the pattern has, but time constraints made me use it as is. It's probably good to have some variation in my wardrobe as I am at risk of letting things get a bit A-line heavy. I have to say the sleeve style wouldn't have been my first choice either but I think they look cute, though they were a total cow to put in in a rush.



The maths part:

Black fabric (probably a blend, it's a bit synthetic but has hangs nicely) bought from a member of my sewing group = £3

Two 1970's vintage tea towels bought from a charity shop (maybe not the best fabric choice as they faded a lot after only one wash, hoping it will add to the vintage feel, must remember not to spill too many drinks on it to avoid unnecessary washing of garment)= 25p each
Pattern download = free

Smugness of wearing something unique = priceless
Many thanks to my drinking companions, Jack and Simon.


michelle said...

Wow, gorgeous dress.
You look like a bird of paradise, (the pattern looks like feathers!).

Ruth B said...

Look at you all pretty! Well done Mrs! Now can you make me one now? Hahaha! Hope all is good in the Edwards camp - tell me some gossip soon! xxxxx

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