Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Red ain't Dead, it's just having some time out

At the tail end of last year I created a range of skirts in an attempt to generate some income from my 'talents' to aid my escape from my 9am-5.30pm soul-sapping public transport-mired existance working in a cheap clothing company in the arse-end, sorry east-end, of London. This didn't go quite to plan, and I didn't manage to sell much in the market I chose, and a drastically low bank balance forced me into my present interim employment. I am still proud of the collection I created, and haven't given up on my aim, but need to go back to the drawing board to work on a new strategy.

In the mean time, some of my lovely friends took a shine to some of my garments, and I gave some as Christmas presents. The fabulous Silvia Sella, a girl who fully understands the need to document and present your creative output, kindly created and emailed me these images of her in one of my back-pleat pencil skirts. Maybe it's because she's Italian, but Silvia actually has style inbuilt in her DNA structure, so for her to covet my creations is a great honour, and I must say that seeing these images generated in me a renewed excitement about this collection.

This image is brilliant:

Silvia is so dedicated to the pursuit of the visually beautiful, she let her cat stay in the image because, quote, 'I didn't kick her out of the pic just because she matched with the outfit'!

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Vic said...

Want one. Want two actually. Please make for me!

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