Wednesday, 6 February 2008


I have a blog! Who'd have thought it! I've been planning on starting one for a while now, and have finally done it with the help and expertise of the lovely and talented Silvia Sella. As most people who know me have come to learn, when I was born, the technology part of my brain was missing. I blame forcepts delivery!

The aim of this blog is not (despite some peoples' perceptions of blogs (Simon)) to catalogue every dull detail of my life, but to use it as a platform to discuss and explore various issues and subjects that are important to me. Hopefully this process will allow me greater understanding about (my) creativity, sources of inspiration, and personal and cultural style and tastes. Naturally, particulars of my life will crop up in context, but I promise not to post about what I have made for dinner, for example. (Though I would if I were a good enough cook that I thought I could contribute to the creative cooking community!)

This blog will also serve as an arena to document my creations. My aim is to post at least once a week, and as from next post (cop out alert!), to always include (hopefully) relevant images, as I never read blog posts without images. I guess I'm a visual-slut like that!

I'm not the best ot funniest writer, and my spelling and grammer suck arse, but here goes..... Also PLEASE feel welcome to comment. Creating and adding to the discussion on these topics is my ultimate aim.


Gail said...

Welcome to blogland, lovely lady. Looking forward to seeing many photos of your beautiful creations! x

Cos you promised photos, right?

janaana said...

Eek, I just got back on my hotmail, which is bolcked at work again and realised I missed the Meetup. For some reason I thought it was this weekend. What a dunce I am!

I'm looking forward to following your progress with the blog; I'm sure the coming pictures of your fabulous creations will inspire a lot of people

michelle said...

It is so great to see your blog, it will brighten my week to see your wonderful creations, and any little darn thing if you ask me! Love you.

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