Thursday, 26 April 2018

Love to Sew Podcast and Fashion Revolution Week

(image source: Love to Sew podcast)

My experiences, thoughts and views are getting a bit of an airing this week, as I can be found in other parts of the sewing community, rather than just my own regular corner. Firstly, I am this week's interviewee on the fabulous Love to Sew podcast. As you know, I'm a big fan of podcasts generally, and I've hugely enjoyed diving into this one since I came across it a few months ago. I actually listened to about five episodes virtually back to back one day recently whilst I was stuck in bed with a stomach bug! I've been soooo impressed with the quality of this crafty podcast. The presenters Helen and Caroline always get gold from their interviewees, and the episodes where it's just the two of them talking are always so well researched, thought provoking and inspiring. 

Anyways, they asked me to chat to them for an episode, specifically about Me-Made-May, this blog, sewing with and for kids, and sustainability. I must admit, I was super nervous about being recorded, but I'm really pleased with how the episode came out. I've been receiving some really lovely comments, mainly via Instagram, from people who listened and felt that some of what I talked about resonated deeply with them. If you're interested, you can take a listen here

Second up, I was interviewed on the Schnittchen Patterns blog as part of a fantastic blog series they are producing as part of Fashion Revolution Week. You know all those pictures that pop up with people holding signs saying 'Who Made Your Clothes?' or 'I Made My Clothes'? That's thanks to the Fashion Revolution Week initiative. I was asked to be part of this series because I have written many times over the years about some of the ethical issues surrounding the fashion industry and home sewing. I'm pretty intersectional like that. Damn, they were some tricky questions Silke sent me! I did my best to answer them with the level of depth that they deserved. You can read the interview here. Do check out the other blog posts in the series as well. 

I've got a lot more to say about the ethics of fashion and sewing, and I have promised one particular reader that I'm going to revisit this topic very soon, probably after the dust has settled from #MMMay18. 

If you have any comments on, or responses to, anything I discussed on either the podcast episode or blog post interview, please pipe up. I'd love to keep these discussions going. 


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Dear Zoe, thanks so much! It was so interesting to "talk" to you and all the other contributors about this very important issue! SILKE

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