Wednesday, 2 September 2015

New Classes at MIY Workshop, Brighton

About a month ago, we had a couple of friends come to visit from Spain, and one of them gave Pat and me a tarot reading. Now, I'm not at all new-agey, but I freaking loves me some tarot. If done by someone who knows what they are doing (or at least can pretend that they do), then it is a lot of fun. And my mate Lee really knows what he's doing, plus he is selfless enough to help his friends delve into their problems for hours on end. On this occasion, we wanted to know what is going on with us, work-wise. There's uncertainty in our future as Pat's current job is coming to an end in a few weeks, with nothing else currently on the horizon. I won't bore you with the whole spread, but I have to say that Lee predicted that my work opportunities will be expanding, and in the direction of Brighton (I have no idea which specific card means 'more work in Brighton'!).

(image source: Wendy Ward via Makery blog)

I shit you not, less than a week later I was helping out at the Fabric Godmother's awesome open day (massive hello's to everyone I met or caught up with there) and got the chance to chat with Wendy Ward, who asked if I would like to teach at her MIY Workshop (which is in Brighton)! A briefly backstory and explanation: I was lucky enough to meet Wendy two years ago when she kindly accepted our request to talk at the Craftaganza Live talks (now defunct), which were a spin off of my semi-regular craft market, Brighton Craftaganza (resting, but not defunct). Wendy is an insanely talented pattern cutter, designer, writer and teacher who sells her own patterns and sewing related products, AND wrote a beautiful, recently released sewing book. She recently contributed not one but TWO incredible refashions as part of Portia/Makery blog's The Refashioners 2015 challenge (see above). Good work, Tarot.

(image source: MIY Workshop)

I'm so excited to be teaching at the MIY Workshop for so many reasons. Wendy is a really cool lady who I hope to learn from, and her workshop space (see above) looks lovely and super inspiring. She seems to have a bunch of loyal, regular students who attend her classes (many of whom have been asking for Saturday classes, which is what I'll be teaching) and I can't wait to meet some of them. These classes are for anyone interested in doing some sewing, no matter what their existing skill level. Students work on whatever projects they fancy at their own pace, and I'll be there to assist in any way I can. Initially, I'll be teaching there on 19th September and 24th October, and if those book up well, then every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month going forwards. If you would like to know more or to book a class, please visit here for Wendy's contact information. Please don't hesitate! Or the tarot will be proved a liar, and Lee will have to find a new hobby.

To clarify, I will be teaching at the MIY Workshop in addition to my other fabulous teaching gigs: Tilly and the Buttons HQ and The Village Haberdashery. I bloody love my job!


Mother of Reinvention said...

That is great news. Huge congratulations! I bet you will have have a great time, as will your students. Tarot are wonderful. You are lucky to have someone to do them for you. He sounds very good. Xx

Knitlass said...

Yay! Awesome in all ways. Too bad I live so far away :-(

tialys said...

Anything that expands in the direction of Brighton has got to be a good thing - it's one of my favourite places. Sounds like a good opportunity for you and I hope something also comes up soon in the tarot cards for Pat.

Unknown said...

Well done Tarrot reader! And congratulations on your new job. You will be fabulous. It was lovely to meet you at the open day too. It was such fun.

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