Saturday 1 August 2015

Charity Shop Scores: Darlington, Hove, Hastings, Eastbourne and Bexhill

My goodness. Since May I have been charity shopping HARD and have accrued quite the backlog to share with you. As you can see from the title of this post, nowhere is safe from my thrifting antics. You know how this works, let's get down to business. 


Peppa Pig T-shirt, 95p
Geometric blouse, £1.25
Horse jersey top, 59p
Floral shorts, 75p

Darlington came up trumps with a slice of summery separates for Dolores. This haul also proves the legend that things in the North are MUCH cheaper! 

Farah shirt, £3.99

I bought this beautiful swiss dot men's shirt to send to Elisalex of By Hand London for the forthcoming Refashioners challenge. This is actually the second shirt I bought for the task, but the first one I sent went missing in the post. The turn of events worked out well because this shirt is far nicer than the first (which did eventually turn up much later). Can't wait to see what she turns it into! 


Padded coat, £2.99
Corduroy skirt, 99p

Denim sneakers, £1
Blue high tops, £2

I'm always hoovering up cute never-or-barely-worn children's shoes when I see them. It feels good to have a stash of nice footwear put aside for Dolores, and it takes the pressure off having to suddenly splash out £30 every few months. You rarely find children's shoes in good condition from size 8+ though, I guess because kids' feet growth slows down from then onwards and their shoes subsequently get more of a licking. Therefore, I'm enjoying being able to pick up some pairs for a song until I need to start shelling out the £30's each time. 

Anchor scarf, 99p

I stalked the Oxfam window a few days running after I spotted this. Each time I went to try and buy it, the shop was closed. Finally, I got there when it was open, but the scarf was no longer visible! Thankfully, it had been put back inside and I've been wearing this round my noggin ever since, channelling Brigitte Bardot at the playgroups! 


Butterfly plimsoles, £1
Wellies, £2
Spotty plimsoles, £1 

More future-footwear in a variety of sizes. 


Bear sweatshirt, £2.50

White shirt, £3
Striped shirt, £4

Pat finally got a look-in after a plaintive cry went out for more work shirts! 

Faux-Melissa pumps, £5 (thanks Mummy)

Something else for me! Not convinced on the comfort level of these, but the application of plasters may aid these in getting trotted out. Anyway, how cute?!


Baby Gap sailor trousers, £2.50
Vest, 50p

I am not including any of the toys or books that I buy secondhand in these round ups. If I did, I wouldn't have time to blog about anything else! Having just sorted through all Dolores's future-clothes, I am now placing a temporary ban on myself on buying more. At this rate, she won't have any wardrobe gaps that will require me to sew her things. Have you had any good charity shop/thrift store/op-shop scores lately? 


Kathryn said...

Wow great hauls! I've never been lucky at finding shoes but I keep looking. I recently got a Gap plaid shirt 18-24months & a lovely jersey dress for myself for under £4 in a charity shop in North Berwick - definitely cheaper up north!

Ticket to Ride said...

Charity shopping is SO addictive! I buy materials and patterns. I'm very thrilled with the shirt I made recently, the fabric for which cost $1.50:

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Your little girl has an enviable wardobe. I'm in the South West and rarely find a really good bargain these days. Prices have gone up a lot in the last couple of years. My most recent buy was a pretty vintage style top that I wore to my niece's wedding, along with a pair of wide legged Seasalt trousers found on ebay.

Ashley Jeanne Espy said...

I love these posts!

Lou Lou said...

I love charity shop shopping, but I rarely find any clothes to buy and normally just stick to books, however I found an amazing flamingo print skirt yesterday for £2.50 (cheap for Oxford) never been worn as still had tags. I love this post! I feel inspired to dig around a bit harder on the hunt for clothes in the charity shops in the future.

Unknown said...

fantastic haul. my best buy was a brand new, labels still on pair of shoes that I had tried on in marks and sparks but dismissed for being too pricey. found them a week later for £3.00 in my local cancer research.

Mother of Reinvention said...

Great haul. I agree charity shops are a lot cheaper up north, although we still have our fair share of over-priced tat especially when I am home in Edinburgh. Any old crap there is "antique" or "vintage". I wasn't in any charity shops this week but I bought a greek orthodox style icon picture in an ornate gold frame and a burgundy/gold plate with a creepy ginger cat face in the middle for the princely sum of £4 from our local junk shops. Always on the lookout for kitsch rubbish. I have got some great vintage (Heal's??) curtains there for the fabric and they were only £1 each. They were manky and smelt a bit odd but a good wash and they were fine. Xx

Minnado said...

Ooh lovely stuff. I like those sailor trousers. Some of my local charity shops have put prices up a lot in the past year. I havent posted my finds for ages but recently found a bright red satchel for my eight year old to use as her school bag and a wooden cantilevered sewing box for my sewing. Xx

Ronja said...

I actually went thrifting last week and walked out with.... NOTHING!

First time ever. I had really wanted an extra large and long mens flannel that I could refashion into a shirt dress for this fall, but nothing struck my fancy. The fabric was too expensive or not special enough. So I simply walked away! I don't think I've ever done that. Usually I make sure I leave with at least a couple of pillow cases to turn into aprons, but not this time.

Everytime I buy something new I feel guilty and there is a little bit of a sadness that I didn't hunt for it. We have a local chain of thrift stores that puts 1/2 off your whole purchase coupons in the paper every month or three and I keep missing the dates. I have it stashed in my purse right now and I'm just waiting for a chance to pull it out. I keep telling myself not to buy anything else, but it never works.

I'm not even making much sense at this point, just gushing about happy sewing.

Ronja said...

I think I meant happy thrifting and lost my train of thought halfway through typing. Looks like I should grab that second cup of coffee to wake up!

Knitlass said...

Ooh - got some kids t-shirts in various sizes a couple of weeks ago, all priced about 99p-1.39, which makes it hard to justify buying any fabric to make t-shirts myself...

I also got a cool H&M cardigan for my daughter to grow into (aged 8 I think). It's got wide stripes in different colours, and is made with sparkly yarn. It was a whole £1!

I have managed to find myself a couple of things too, including a sweet Phase Eight top perfect for work which was a snip at £3 or £4...

For any Edinburgh folks - I find the Salvation Army store at Tollcross pretty good for kids things...

Anonymous said...

This pattern is just gorgeous! Love the fabric, it’s perfect. it’s been something ive been on the lookout for a while now! Thanks to this design clothes online post

Anonymous said...

Great haul! Bexhill is my all time favourite for chazza shopping :-D X

Lisa said...

I LOVE thrifting! I actually wrote a series of posts on my strategies awhile back...
I love your finds. I recently came home with about five new-to-me t-shirts when summer clothes went on sale and last winter, I got some seriously expensive boots for $7. I still haven't gotten over that one. I also just got an extremely neon sheet that I made into a t-shirt. Soon to be blogged! It just makes me feel like the '90's are back. ;)

Nicolas Davis said...

Hi there, I just want to know how does it works? You sell items and a percentage of it will go to charity? Please enlighten me. ^^ Thanks in advance!

Nicolas, A volunteer in the Philippines, A scuba diver XOXO

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