Friday 10 July 2015

The Dolores Batwing Pattern: Prints!

Way back in November last year, I blogged about some of the fabulous creations that had been springing up made from my Dolores batwing pattern. The garments that featured in that post were all created in solid (plain) fabric. Today I'd like to share some more Dolores batwing garments, this time showing how fun the pattern can look in prints! 

(image source: Mixed Emotions)

Super-chic French sewer Sara made a killer 70's style dress with the short sleeved option (pictured above). She even added a thin self-belt to cinch in the waist slightly. I love the autumn tones of that beautiful fabric, it really suits her colouring. 

(image source: Top Notch)

Kirsty from Top Notch displayed some true genius by parring the Dolores pattern with this incredible squiggly-print jersey. Her long sleeved top version of the pattern is quite possibly my favourite ever! 

(image source: Betty Stitchup)

WAIT! Here's another contender for the title of 'Best Dolores batwing creation'. Who couldn't love this whole damn outfit created by Betty Stitchup?! Dolores batwing top + Delphine skirt = Dolphine!  

(image source: Scruffy Badger)

Go bold or go home! That's what I take away from Scruffy Badger's phenomenal Dr Jackobi-inspired hawaiiana long sleeved version. That turquoise really pops, doesn't it?

It was so tricky to pick just four of the printed fabric versions of this pattern that I've seen so far. But if you like to see more, please check out my dedicated Dolores batwing pattern Pinterest board. Also, if you have made a version of this pattern that I may not have seen yet, PLEASE leave me a link or email me a pic (sozoblog (at) g mail dot com). 


Scruffybadger said...

Ooh, lovely seeing more versions of this fabulous pattern. That dress is amazing!! And thank you for featuring my homage to Dr Jacobi, what a surprise!! Xx

Juliette said...

I'm currently finishing my third Dolores (just have to find something to finish the neckline properly because I couldn't make a proper neckband in this very slinky jersey)! It's not really as wild a print as the lovelies that are featured here - just a Breton-style stripe, white on navy - but I really love it! It feels like wearing pyjamas, yet looks stylish enough to be worn at a job interview! Sooo it's a total win!

Mother of Reinvention said...

What lovely garments. I love that each one of them is widely different yet all from the same pattern. The hacks are lovely too. Xx

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